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Weekly Bulletin 6-13-2020

~Weekly Bulletin~



Jun 25 – Art speaks

Jul 4 – e-Compression

Jul 4-5 Modifyre

Oct 31- LAGI Design Challenge Deadline Extended


Statement on Racial Justice and Radical Inclusion

Burning Man Project stands in solidarity with the Black community in the fight for racial justice. This is a time to listen, to reflect, and to learn. We acknowledge we have our own work to do to truly live up to the principle of Radical Inclusion, and we’re here for it.

Let’s make the global Burning Man community, including Black Rock City, more inclusive for Black, Indigenous, and all People of Color. Let’s amplify voices and ideas that will lead us to a more equitable society. Let’s create the space to listen and have the conversations needed to make permanent positive change in this world.

Burners have always been doers, so let’s do this.

Black Lives Matter.

This statement now lives on our website here and has been shared on social media here.

More on Diversity and Inclusion

This has been a challenging week in the United States. In response to both rising tension and rising awareness of issues related to racism and the need for racial justice, the Journal has published this piece by Dominique Debucquoy-Dodley of our Communications team about his experiences as a person of color in the context of Black Lives Matter and the Burning Man community. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt perspective, Dom.

For more on this topic please see Diversity & Radical Inclusion, our series in the Burning Man Journal. For live events related to radical inclusion, visit Kindling.



July 4th,10am-2am SAST

AfrikaBurn hosts: e-Compression This official online Regional event  is an online gathering that provides us all with an opportunity to connect, collaborate and get creative, from the comfort of wherever we are on the planet.You can expect multiple live-streamed rooms, each with a fantastic range of performances, music, burns, discussions, show & tells and…whatever it is that you’ve got cooking, that you want to share. Check here for more information. And be sure to check the time difference if you plan to visit!


July 4-5

Queensland and New South Wales’ official regional event this year is also online!

The CyberPaddock will be a custom-made, online, interactive, multi-app space to explore and create in, planned to facilitate a new Modifyre experience. Acting as a hub for Theme Camps, video-conference parties, discussions, physical/digital art-experiences and all forms of user-generated content, the CyberPaddock will be the home of this online event. Their Survival Guide will be coming out soon, with all the info you need to register and enjoy!

Now Happening

Health and Safety Newsletter

Kate Gonnella, aka Alpha1, is the head of our Emergency Services Team. She’s also produced a fantastic and timely newsletter addressing the Corona virus and the Covid-19 pandemic which prevented us from holding the Burning Man event this year. For updates on best practices to keep the virus out of your life, as well as information on the state of the virus in the world, check out this fantastic document. Many thanks, Alpha1! 

Burning Man Live 

Burning Man Live is the new podcast produced by the Philosophical Center to share our global culture in a new way. Listeners will meet the people who are making Burning Man happen every single day, beyond Black Rock City and out in the world. The first three episodes dropped on June 11th on all the podcast networks (Apple, Google, Spotify, I Heart Radio, etc.), and we need your help to make a big splash! Please listen, like, and subscribe right away — the more traction we get early in our launch, the better the visibility for the show, so other Burners and friends will find us and be able to listen as well. 

Desert Arts Three-View Review

This year, our traditional Desert Arts Preview turned in to a Multiverse-worthy online experience. If you wish to revisit this moment in the multiverse, or if you weren’t able to join the live event, please enjoy the YouTube playlist linked here in Kindling to journey through 1View, 2View, 3View, and the “Intermission Gallery” of artist works and works in progress. You can also download the complete program featuring the artists, their projects, and links to more information.

GPE Project BRC Aid

BRC AID is a mutual aid project for the staff and volunteers of Black Rock City. They are building a thing and asking you to co-create this system where we can offer support to one another when it’s lacking, a little light in the darkness, a little skill where there is need. BRC AID is a cross-departmental collaboration of BRC staff and volunteers working to create a centralized tool to offer and receive emotional, logistical and material support as we attempt to survive together in the default world. 


Leveler is a tool for peer to peer wealth distribution. It’s a way to connect folks who have a little money to donate to people who have been impacted financially by current events, and who have opted in to receive donations. The Leveler team has just built a version specifically for the Burning Man community. If you are in need, or if you have a little to spare, check it out… and spread the word on this one if you can. The more people who see it, the more people we connect, the more we can help each other out. 

Staff Resources

Our People Operations team has been hard at work making sure our staff has access to needed resources while we weather this quarantine. Please visit this link for updated information from our PO Team for resources you can use during this challenging time. Listening Circle information, Employee Assistance Program information, as well as links to a tool for Burners helping Burners, and Black-focused therapy and support group information. Information on coping with traumatic events is available, also supplied by our Employee Assistance Program. Our Peer Support team is standing by and ready to offer counseling and coaching – reach out to them by emailing Be well, be safe, use resources as needed.

Available to all staff, paid or volunteer, and their families.

Thank you PO!

Just Happened

Drone Footage of Galaxia

Here’s a wonderful trip to a Black Rock City past. Enjoy observing Galaxia from above, and all around, views we never had when on playa.


It’s a launch! On May 28th, we rolled out Kindling – a portal that enables anyone, anywhere to discover and participate in live virtual events. Dive in to explore everything from one-off parties and hijinks, to recurring speaker series and workshops. Are you hosting something – virtual show and tell, tango lessons, puppet shows, stay-at-home mega rave? Kindling may be able to help you get it out into the world. Get started by filling in the Kindle a Project form. 

Hayseed says, “Wash yer paws!” 

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