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Fire Team

This group is responsible for fire suppression during the event.  Most of the effort is focused on the Friday and Saturday night burns.  During the burns, there are Hot Shots equipped with extinguishers that are stationed inside the perimeter to address any burning material that threatens the crowd. Three Ember Patrol Teams work outside the perimeter behind the crowd. These teams extinguish any flying embers to prevent fire spread in the surrounding vegetation.  A one hour training is held at Saguaro Man on Thursday and Friday afternoon to instruct volunteers on the use of all of our equipment, including the Fire Trailer.  A volunteer only needs to attend one training session.

For those that are able to attend Work Weekend, there may be additional burn area prep to minimize brush hazards.

The volunteer positions are:   

Ember Patrol – Chase and extinguish embers in the brush area surrounding the burn site. This group works in teams of 2, and carries a water pack and hand tools.

Hot Shot Crew – Stationed inside the burn perimeter with pressurized water cans, in support of the Fire Arts Safety Team.

Contact the Fire Team

If you want to volunteer with the Fire Team, or you have another reason to contact the Fire Team, fill out this form and submit it to the team lead