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Welcome and thank you for the interest!!

One of the core principles of our community is active Participation, and volunteering provides an excellent opportunity to do so. Moreover, volunteering can be a fun experience that enables you to meet new people and acquire new skills. Our biggest annual event, Saguaro Man, requires a significant number of volunteers, and there are additional chances to volunteer throughout the year.

Are you new to Saguaro Man and not sure which team to sign up for? Check out the different departments — there’s something for everyone! Some teams have additional requirements, such as certifications or training, and/or require approval from the Team Lead.

And as a bonus, people who have previously volunteered get invited to a pre-sale and receive a discounted ticket. Click here to learn more about the AZ Burners Volunteer Policy

Feeling comfortable and ready to Participate? Click the link below to get signed up for a Saguaro Man volunteer shift!

Sign Up to volunteer at Saguaro Man 2024

Ever considered being a Ranger at Regional Events? Many events offer discounted tickets to Rangers.

Learn More About Heliotropic and/or BRC Rangers

Not ready to commit quite yet? Follow this link to express your interest for later!

Volunteer Interest Form

Volunteer Opportunities Throughout the Year

Want to stay up to date on all we are up to? Sign up to receive official announcements by sending a blank email to . The announcements are also posted to the homepage , and to the AZBurners Facebook group.

Keep an eye out for calls for volunteers and opportunities to meet local burners. A variety of similar events such as IGNiGHT happen throughout the year. Some of these are not centralized through this website. Arizona Burners Without Borders (AZBWB) and the AZ Cacophony Society handle volunteers on their own, yet announce opportunities to this website and to AZ Burners social media. Some AZ Burner social media locations are: AZ Burners group on FacebookSaguaro Man group on Facebook, and Az_Burners on Instagram. There are additional AZ Burners related groups on Facebook, mostly not official, and some specific to regions in the state. Search them out!

Talk to people when at an event. Don’t be afraid to volunteer to help if you see an opportunity. Events are dynamic, and prior planning is never fully adequate, so spontaneous offers to help are fantastic!

Keep in mind we are all volunteers. Real life sometimes interrupts things. Our systems do not always work as expected. So don’t despair if you do not get an immediate response to queries. When we ramp up for an event we don’t mess around (well, actually we do mess around), but things get very active, and there will be many ways to jump in.

Still have burning (ahem!) questions? Email us at: volunteers at

Additional Information

Please read our Code of Conduct (a PDF file) and, if you haven’t already, the 10 Principles of Burning Man. We actually have 11 principles at AZ Burners; the 11th Principle is Consent. A wide variety of people make up AZ Burners, and this framework helps us make our community welcoming and enjoyable.