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AZ Burners Town Hall

Tucson – Oct. 21st. location TBD

Phoenix – Nov 4th 2023. location TBD

Photo by Kristin Wesley

Want the inside scoop on the AZ Burners community? Have an idea or opinion you think should be heard? Join us at AZ Burners Town Hall every June.

AZ Burners 2024 Town Hall


  • Welcome and Intro’s
    • Meet the new board members!
  • Word from the Chair
  • Financial Report
  • Events Recap
  • Upcoming Events
  • The Land
  • Burners Without Borders
  • Burning Man Project
  • General Q&A
  • The Last Word

We are seeking community input (Vote Here) or scan QR Code below to vote on how to distribute this year’s donations

Donations distribution

AZ Burners 2023 Town Hall

AZ Burners 2022 Town Hall


  • Welcome and Intro’s
  • Events Recap
    • Saguaro Man 2022
    • IGNiGHT 2022
  • Upcoming events
  • Invitation for Radical Participation and Communal Effort
  • Update on The Land
  • BWB-AZ Update
  • AZ Burners Code of Conduct update and status
  • Legal entities structure – the what’s and why’s
  • Burning Man update and resources
  • Q’s and A’s
  • Wrap Up

AZ Burners 2021 Town Hall

The 2021 Town Hall was held via Zoom on June 5th, 2021Here is a video of the meeting.

This is an admittedly very rough sketch of the road plan for the AZ Burners land


  • Introduce Regional Contacts
  • State of AZBurners (qqtpie)
  • Code of Conduct update qqtpie, Sassy Cat, Gigi)
    • Saguaro Man update (Sassy Cat)
    • Too many unknowns to make a decision today. We are proceeding as though the event will happen in October, and prepping the land.
    • Go/No-go decision will be announced the first week in August
    • Ticket Update – see Saguaro Man Tickets page
  • Q&A

AZ Burners 2020 Town Hall.

The 2020 town hall was held virtually via Zoom due to the ongoing health crisis in Arizona. Primary topics included: plans for our new land, coronavirus and Saguaro Man, and our IGNiGHT online art exhibition, plus the following community action items:

🚫 An 11th principle? 🚫 
We need community input around a proposal to add consent as the official 11th principle for AZ Burners. There will be more information soon on how to participate in this discussion.

🚑 Healthcare professionals! 🚑 
The new COVID response team will monitor public health information and outline recommendations for conducting Saguaro Man safely. To pARTicipate, email

😷 Flatten the curve. 😷 
This is NOT a time for safety third. Wear a mask and social distance to help slow the spread of coronavirus. Sacrifice NOW so we can burn together at Saguaro Man in October.

Read the official minutes.

AZ Burners 2019 Town Hall

Here are recaps of the 2019 town hall event in Scottsdale. Thanks to Haylee for filming, Buddha for preparing the minutes, Walter for hosting, and the whole community for a robust discussion.