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Theme Camps

Questions about Theme Camps be directed to

Theme Camps are just that, a common area that has a theme. Theme Camps are excellent platforms to keep the cultural elements of Saguaro Man alive, to name a few, radical inclusion, communal effort, and participation. Your theme camp can be as simple or as complex as you make it. Please commit only to what you feel confident that you and your camp can accomplish. Most importantly, all theme camps must be open to all Saguaro Man participants.

Registering your theme camp assists in arranging the event site and allows SM participants to know which camps will be at the event ahead of time. If preregistration does not take place and a theme camp is brought to Saguaro Man it is still expected to follow the direction of the Placers, and if necessary the Fire Team. Thank you for cooperating.

Please refrain from setting up your theme camp before being cleared by the placement team. This is especially important in evening and later hours. You may be in another participant’s theme camp. You may be in a no camping zone. You will be required to move, and that’s no fun after unloading your super stellar perfectly packed theme camp.

Policies – You should be familiar with All of our Policies including Sound, Flame, Fire Policy, Dogs, and whatever else has a title relevant to what you are up to

Fire in Theme Camps – Sorry, but no open fires will be allowed in 2021. We hope to change that next event.

Open fires such as candles, torches, fire/burn barrel, and raised containers (standing fire pit) will be permitted in theme camps. Flame Effects need to be cleared with the Fire Team before lighting. Please make sure to review our Fire Policy

Flame Effects – all flames that are automated, switched, pressurized or having any action other than simply being lit on fire, as well as projects using propane or other liquid or gaseous fuels. Flame Effects need to be cleared with the Fire Team before lighting. Please review the Flame Effects page and contact someone on the Flame Safety team for a flame effect inspection tag. Gate is always a good place to ask when in doubt.

Like any good burner, never leave a fire unattended. The winds can pick up anytime at DDF and you are responsible for the fire safety of your own camp. Fire pits dug into the ground leave the area exposed to erosion and therefore are not permitted. Always leave no trace.

Sound Camps – Please make yourself comfortable with the Saguaro Man Sound Policy. The use of generators falls into the Sound Policy and affects both sound and non-sound theme camps. Remember, a generator should not be any louder than that of an idling passenger car. 

Theme Camp tips:

  • Please do not serve alcohol to minors. Those under 21 will have a wrist band signifying No Alcohol to be served to this participant.
  • Be prepared for all types of weather (rain, heat, snow) and strong winds. Take time to design your camp to be safe and sturdy.
  • Illuminate your camp at night. Even if you are primarily a day camp, no one likes walking into guy lines or rebar.