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The Dome That Coop Built

Written by Scotto

The So How Are You Dome was conceived by our very own Coop in his shop in Flagstaff. The Dome That Coop Built - The Dome the Community helped BUILD circa 2011.

There were several fellow Burners involved in creating this amazing dome structure including - Tgaps & Fawn.  I was part of the fun the day we put it together for the first time in Tgaps' back yard - getting the fittings to work out the way Coop intended was hard at first but nothing a Sledge Hammer and some LUBE could not cure.

The Dome was part of Center Camp @ Saguaro Man 2011 - 2013. In the off-season the Dome's home was the side of Coop's house. The Dome made travels to FireFly outside Flagstaff 2011 & 2012 - then back to the side of Coops house. In October 2012 the Dome traveled to Las Vegas and was a center piece structure in their very successful First Fridays celebrations each week.

In late April Dome came back to Phoenix to be transported back to Double Dolphin Farm for Saguaro Man - where it is now a permanent piece of Art.  ENJOY the retrospective of The So How Are You Dome built circa 2011 - Scotto


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