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Saguaro Man Ticket Rollover/Refund FAQ

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Map of AZ showing Wilcox, AZUpdate 01/22/2022

For the latest ticket information see the Saguaro Man Tickets page

Questions? Email arizona

How do I Rollover my SMan 2020?

You would have received an email update on 04/12/2021 with information on rollover tickets. Having read the email and the FAQ below, if you still have questions – please email tickets

How do I request a refund?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I transfer a ticket
A: See Tickets page (updated 07/05/2021)

Q: Will I get pre-sale access to SMan 2022 tickets if I request a refund?
A: Yes! Every person who received a refund in 2020 ticket will be invited to the 2021 pre-sale. See Tickets page for dates. (updated 08/26/2021)

Q: What are the dates for Saguaro Man 2022?
A: See the Saguaro Man page for details

Q: How much of a refund will I receive?
A: We issue refunds on the full price you paid, minus fees charged by the ticketing vendor and credit card companies. Fees make up less than $5 of the ticket price. (updated 8/26/2021)

Q: How do I look up my 2020 tickets?

A: Log into and click on “Events” and scroll down to “Saguaro Man 2020” and you will see your tickets and ticket numbers. The “My Events/Transfers” link won’t list SM2020 because the original event date is in the past.

Q: Since we didn’t have a 2020 event, what did we spend money on in 2020?
A: Land! We now own 80 acres of high-desert land in Cochise County – near the town of Wilcox, AZ. We also owe taxes on the land, pay for insurance, etc.

Q: When can we visit the land?
A: DPW, the Land team, etc. are doing work on the land, but we won’t be hosting any recreational events on the land at this time. If/when DPW or Land teams need volunteers, they will reach out. See: to learn how to join these teams.