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Saguaro Man 2020 Ticket Rollover/Refund FAQ

Map of AZ showing Wilcox, AZUpdate 8/14/2020AMAZING!! Within 24 hours we reached our roll-over threashold, so I will start issuing full refunds this weekend. Thank you AZBurners! You are awesome.

One positive thing that came out of this year was that AZBuners purchased an 80 acre property in Cochise County and we have a permanent home for future AZBurner events.  Sadly, the 2020 event is cancelled. As a result, all unused money from 2020 ticket sales must be returned. We will begin issuing refunds on 8/15/2020.

If you can afford to do so, please consider rolling over your 2020 ticket to a 2021 event ticket. We can then use your unused refund money to increase the per-person amount that we are able to return to burners who may be in need of a full refund.

Questions? Email arizona

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are my options?
A: You can request to rollover your 2020 tickets and use them in 2021 (we can accommodate about 125 such requests) or you can request a refund. More info below on refunds and rollovers.

Q: How do I request a roll-over or refund
A: Fill out this form to Request a Refund or Roll-over your 2020 tickets to 2021.

Q: Will I get pre-sale access to SMan 2021 tickets?
A: Yes! Every 2020 ticket holder gets a pre-sale invitation for a ticket for 2021.

Q: What are the dates for Saguaro Man 2021?
A: Currently plan for SMan 2021 is May 12-16, 2021

Q: How much of a refund will I receive?
A: We had have enough folks opt to roll over their 2020 tickets so have enough money to issue full refunds (minus fees charged by the ticketing vendor and credit card companies). Fees make up less than $5 of the ticket price. (updated 8/15/2020)

Q: How do I look up my 2020 tickets?

A: Log into and click on “Events” and scroll down to “Saguaro Man 2020” and you will see your tickets and ticket numbers. The “My Events/Transfers” link won’t list SM2020 because the original event date is in the past.

Q: I want to roll-over my 2020 tickets – why do you need my refund information?
A: Any money remaining in our bank account at the end of the financial year will be taxable. We would normally spend this money on the event but… not this year 🙁 If too many people ask us to roll-over their tickets, we will end up with cash at the end of the year. Taxable cash. Hence our need to return. But remember, every 2020 ticket holder gets a pre-sale invitation to buy a ticket for 2021.

Q: Since we didn’t have a 2020 event, what did we spend money on in 2020?
A: Land! We now own 80 acres of high-desert land in Cochise County – near the town of Wilcox, AZ. We also owe taxes on the land, pay for insurance, etc.

Q: When can we visit the land?
A: Not this year 🙁 – DPW, the Land team, etc. may do some work on the land, but we won’t be hosting any recreational events on the land. If/when DPW or Land teams need volunteers, they will reach out. See: to learn how to join these teams.

Q: I want to donate my refund money to a good cause. Any suggestions?

A: Check out Arizona Burners Without Borders and their upcoming Zoom-a-thon fundraiser – where your donation will be doubled during the month of August thanks to AZBWB being chosen by the 2020 Rock Family of Companies Community Challenge