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Saguaro Man Update (08/31/2021)

As a leadership team we have decided to not hold Saguaro Man in October 2021.  Instead, we are looking forward to May 2022.

When we made the decision to move forward with Saguaro Man we embarked on planning with thoughts of community, passion, and joy.  That is what Saguaro Man is about, a way to come together, especially this year, with happiness and unity.  We planned with anticipation of seeing our family and friends in our yet to be used land near Wilcox. 

Since that decision, we have seen Saguaro Man become a source of division and pain.  That is not what any of us want our community or Saguaro Man to be about.  So, we are taking a moment to slow down.  We are taking a moment to acknowledge where we are today and look towards healing and listening to each other. 

So what’s next? 

Cactus iconFirst, it is important we move forward as a community.  There is much to learn about this last month in terms of listening and communicating.  We call on everyone to work on listening and seeking to understand the other. 

Cactus iconSecond, we are moving forward with an eye towards Saguaro Man 2022.  The goal is to have an ongoing conversation about how we can do this.  We are not going to get 100% consensus on having an event in May 2022.  However, we can do better in listening and communicating with each other how to have an event as well as have more time to plan for the event.

Cactus icon Third, we will be making more specific announcements about ticket refunds and rollovers in the near future.

Cactus icon Lastly, we want to thank the Co-Creator team and leads.  This group of tireless volunteers have been working all month long to hold the event.  We recognize and honor the work they have performed.  There are too many to name in this note but if you know any of them, please tip your hat to them.

Thank you!

Tickets: All 2020 tickets will be valid for the 2022 event. If you wish to request a refund, please visit the Tickets page