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Who, What, Where, When

The Who What Where When is Saguaro Man’s
list of events and happenings

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Are you hosting an event or experience at Saguaro Man? If so, Thank You!!
Here’s how people will find out about it!

Note: If you wish to schedule an event in Center Camp, please visit the
Center Camp page and reserve an open time slot. Thanks!

Deadline for submissions is April 13th, 2024

Tutorial on using the WWWW Live view of events

Large posters of the WWWW will be at Gate, Center Camp, HQ, and on select porta potties
The week before SMan, we’ll link to a downloadable phone formatted version and to the poster.


  • Q: What if I don’t know where I will be camped?
    • A: If a placed Theme Camp – write in your camp name
      If not with a theme camp, list your camp name and make sure you have a big sign. There’s a map below and you can choose a street on which you plan to set up your camp.
  • Q: What if I need to change or cancel my event?
    • A: Send an email to wwww @ and let us know your event name, date, time and the changes you wish to make. Remember – last day for any changes is April 13th.

Below is a draft of the SMan layout. Street names are listed.
DRAFT - Map of Saguaro Man

Questions? Email us: wwww @

Go paperless and hug a tree. Please don’t hug a cactus.