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Who, What, Where, When

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The Who What Where When is Saguaro Man’s list of events and happenings

SMan24 Map

1 A Camp
2 Adventure Pilots
3 Alchemy
4 Arizona Alternative Energy Zone
5 AZ Desert Drummers
6 AZ Fire Conclave – BOOM
7 BBQ Daddies
8 Boxanalia
9 BunnyVille
10 Cable Camp
11 Camp Connection
12 Camp Envy
13 Camp Liquid Diet
15 Camp Not a Sex Cult*
16 Camp of Questionable Character
17 Chez Barouch
18 Department of Public Whimsy
19 Dingaling Ring Toss

20 DMV/Hot Meat Baby!
21 Dogville
22 Embers
23 EMP (eat my potatoes)
24 Enchanted Pillow Fort
25 Flander’s Field
26 Free Gardeners
27 Great Balls of Fire
28 Kamp Komet
29 Kosmik Dust
30 Lick me till ice cream
31 Massage Ecstasy
32 Moth on a Sloth
34 Onesie Camp
35 Ooey Gooey
36 Peanut butter jellyfish
37 Portside Locos
38 Ranger Camp

39 Rogue Camp
40 Scrabble Camp
41 Sedona Vortex
42 Sloth Camp
43 Solar Halo Camp
44 Stampede!
45 The Bureau of Erotic Discourse
46 The Flaming Kitties
47 The Sacred Wild
48 Tool Town
49 Two Beans
50 Unholy Virgins
51 V.I.C.E. (Vietnamese Iced Coffee Experience)
52 Where’s Walter
54 Wonderland of Entanglement
55. Temple of FOO’d

Artists and Theme Camp Leads: You can still make changes in the DUST app (see below) but those changes will not make it into the large posters.

DUST App for Saguaro Man 2024
Saguaro Man 2024 is in the DUST App

Yes! The same one we used at the big burn for the past few years. You can download it free from:

It is a work in progress but the Events, Theme camps, Art, etc. are already added and being updated as things change. We’ll be doing the geolocation stuff this weekend and adding coordinates, so you can find art, camps, etc. And most importantly: locate Portos!!

Theme camp leads can go into their camp and customize, upload a photo, list DJs and such, etc. Events can be viewed by day or under the camp that is hosting the event.

Screen shot of the DUST App

Tutorial on using the WWWW Live view of events

Large posters of the WWWW will be at Gate, Center Camp, HQ, and on select porta potties
The week before SMan, we’ll link to a downloadable phone formatted version and to the poster.

Questions? Email us: wwww @

Go paperless and hug a tree. Please don’t hug a cactus.