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Who, What, Where, When

Adventure Pilots Bar, Saguaro Man 2022 – Photo Credit Kersten Elyse

The Who What Where When is Saguaro Man’s list of happenings.

Submit an Event that you are hosting at Saguaro Man

If you wish to schedule time at Center Camp – please do so via the Center Camp page.
All CC events will be added to the WWWW.

If you are hosting an event at Saguaro Man, list it here so people know when and where to participate. We’ll update the site within 24 hours. Multi-day events during the same time frame can be scheduled with one entry (just select the days).

Questions? Email us: wwww @

Deadline for submissions is May 1, 2023

  • At SMan we will print large posters with the map and put them up on several of the porta potties, at Center Camp, and the gate.
  • A few days before the event we will publish a PDF – for folks who wish to disconnect and bring a paper copy to the event.
  • You can also download a version formatted for mobile phones. Go paperless and hug a tree.
  • For Center Camp events – we can pull that info from the Center Camp form, so you do not need to duplicate the info here.

Click here to open up the WWWW in a new window (easier to view)