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Work Weekend 2024

Image cred: Heathen

Work Weekend April 12th-14th                                   

Bushes and Roads again – Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  *Thursday night arrival is ok! Also it is OK if you can’t make all three days. Sign up for the days you can work.

This work weekend is only 1 ½ weeks before Saguaro Man!!!

[ Sign Up to Join us for Work Weekend ]

Goals for the Weekend

  • Improving the roads
  • Clearing space for camping
  • Putting up street signs
  • Burning some piles of sticks and burn barrels will be provided.
  • If you have a fire extinguisher it would be great to have more than we need.
  • If you have an extra gas can, fill it up and bring along. We can use it.
  • Theme Camps can work on their spaces
    • DPW would appreciate your assistance when you are done with your work!
  • Artists – You can work on your Large Art installations
    • DPW would appreciate your assistance when you have completed your project!

More information

  • We can use more wheelbarrows, or garden wagons
  • Sawzalls, chainsaws, heavy long-handle loppers, pitch forks, rakes & shovels.
  • Bring leather work gloves (mesquite bushes have thorns!), sunblock, sunblock, and more sunblock, hat with visor, shade structure, ear muffs/protector/headband (for the wind if it kicks up), and maybe goggles.
  • Temperatures last year were a high of 83º and a low of 48 º
  • Direction to our Land

Porta Johns provided.

Please make sure you sign up here:

[ Sign Up to Join us for Work Weekend ]

Sign up for as many days as you can participate. If you have any questions, contact dpw @

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What could possibly go wrong??? Photo cred: Queen Voney