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Work Weekend 2023

Photo of the DPW team working on the property in 2022
Photo cred: Queen Voney

Work Weekend April 28-30th                                   

Bushes and Roads again – Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  *Thursday night arrival is ok! Also it is OK if you can’t make all three days. Sign up for the days you can work.

This work weekend is only 1 ½ weeks before Saguaro Man!!!

Sign Up to Join us for Work Weekend

Goals for the Weekend

  • Improving the roads
  • Clearing space for camping
  • Putting up street signs
  • Burning some piles of sticks and burn barrels will be provided.
  • If you have a fire extinguisher it would be great to have more than we need.
  • If you have an extra gas can, fill it up and bring along. We can use it.
  • Theme Camps can work on their spaces
    • DPW would appreciate your assistance when you are done with your work!
  • Large Art pieces can work on installations
    • DPW would appreciate your assistance when you have completed your project!

More information

  • We can use more wheelbarrows, or garden wagons
  • Sawzalls, chainsaws, heavy long-handle loppers, pitch forks, rakes & shovels.
  • Bring leather work gloves (mesquite bushes have thorns!), sunblock, sunblock, and more sunblock, hat with visor, shade structure, ear muffs/protector/headband (for the wind if it kicks up), and maybe goggles.
  • Temperatures last year were a high of 83º and a low of 48 º
  • Direction to our Land

Porta Johns provided. We will be social distancing whenever possible, no community meals etc. But you are free to share what you want with others based on your personal level of comfort. Ask permission beforehand. The more we communicate, the better we understand each other!

Please make sure you sign up here:

Sign Up to Join us for Work Weekend

Sign up for as many days as you can participate. Thursday evening arrival is OK. If you have any questions, contact dpw @

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What could possibly go wrong??? Photo cred: Queen Voney