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Saguaro Man 2022 ~ Temple Intrinsic

by Dillon Girgenti

The inspiration for this temple is traveling inward. The principles are based on Chakras, Fibonacci, and walking meditation. The temple will provide an environment for people to connect to one another, to the world around them, and a path to follow for reflection.

There will be 7 pagodas, each of different size and number of tiers. The pagodas will be laid out along a curve that is defined by the Fibonacci sequence to create a spiral path to follow. You will begin at the root chakra representing trust then walk around the outside of the temple slowly winding your self to the inside of it, each pagoda counting down by one tier as you go and ending with the crown chakra representing spirituality. The temple will be primarily built out of pallet wood, with some panels of the pagodas having laser cut designs and at night each pagoda will be lit from the inside with different colors of light to represent each chakra.

Dillon Girgenti is the artist. He comes from a background in theatrical design. He uses his knowledge to help drive narratives through design elements. Having over a decade of knowledge in carpentry, lighting, technical design and leading teams of creatives on projects ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars. Dillons passion comes from the projects and teams he’s working with and finds greatest satisfaction in the joy he sees his work brings to others.

Animal (Chris Turner) is supervising the build. Plans are already underway. A build crew will spend many hours building the temple this Spring.

The Template Guardians are led by Water. The Guardians recognize the Temple may be held as a profound significance to participants and perhaps may even be a representation of a sacred space within all of us. They guard the Temple, create a safe and loving atmosphere, and are respectfully available to befriend or console those who visit her.

It takes a village to build, experience and burn a temple! Many others contribute to the temple experience, such as the fire performers, perimeter guards, fire safety team, those who clean up after the fire, and others. Do you want to participate? If so, is a great place to start.