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Next Saguaro Man = April 24 – 28th, 2024!

Saguaro Man 2024 Placeholder image

Framed at Saguaro Man 2023!

Saguaro Man FAQ

Directions to the Event

Saguaro Man is an annual collaborative celebration of large scale art, music, performance art, and interactive participation. This event is created by AZ Burners for AZ Burners to bring the culture of Burning Man and Black Rock City to the great state of Arizona. 

Forms will be linked below

  • Volunteer Sign Up Schedule – open until the event or until slots are filled
    • So many opportunities to be part of making the event fun and safe, including Art support, B.E.D., Perimeter, Gate, LNT, etc.
  • Center Camp Reservations
  • Non-funded Art Registration –
    • Art is a huge part of Burner events. Bring your creations and share them with the community
  • Department of Mutant Vehicles (DMV) –
  • Theme Camp Registration –
  • Flame Effect Registration –
  • Who, What, Where, When –
  • Work Weekend –

2023 Maps (NOTE: This is for last year. SM24 maps will be finalized in early April, 2024)

FYI General Map of the 2023 event

2023 Sman Map
Click to enlarge the General Map

The Art Map 2023

Click to Enlarge the Art Map

Theme Camps 2023

2023 Theme Camps
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11 Principles

Please read and abide by the 11 Principles of AZ Burners (the 10 of Burning Man + Consent)


Saguaro Man runs on volunteers … here’s how to get involved!

Code of Conduct

We’re going to have a blast but we expect you to behave as a human. Consent is very important, as is general respect for others.