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Saguaro Man 2023 ~ Emergence
by Heathen using Midjourney

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Saguaro Man FAQ

Waking from a dream within a dream … within a dream, in the grips of global cataclysm, we emerge into a collective emergency! Fact, AND it’s time to do together what we cannot do alone.

Historically, movement into a new era has been met with some of the most inspirational artistic expression of the times. An emergence of new ways of coming together that informs our future and shapes a new reality. The AZ Burner community is emerging on our new land. We are birthing into new territory, into the unknown. And we are doing so at a time of radical change and adaptation. Burners are good at this, it is what we do best!!!

Saguaro Man, 2023, is an opportunity to bring our ingenuity together like never before. How can you be a part our communal emergence? Join us collectively, arising together for the good of All, with spark in our step and dust in our soul.

Saguaro Man is an annual collaborative celebration of large scale art, music, performance art, and interactive participation. This event is created by AZ Burners for AZ Burners to bring the culture of Burning Man and Black Rock City to the great state of Arizona. 


11 Principles

Please read and abide by the 11 Principles of AZ Burners (the 10 of Burning Man + Consent)


Saguaro Man runs on volunteers … here’s how to get involved!

Code of Conduct

We’re going to have a blast but we expect you to behave as a human. Consent is very important, as is general respect for others.