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Saguaro Man – FAQ

Saguaro Man is an independent community of artists, musicians and interactive participation created by the artists who attend it.

We create community through creative interaction and a gift economy. We don’t hire entertainment. You are the entertainment! Participation is mandatory-No spectators! Be yourself or be someone else! Saguaro Man is what the participants create within the customs and courtesies of a gift economy and radical self-expression.

What can you expect at Saguaro Man?

Radical self-expression, spontaneous creativity, and unique social interaction. This happens within a gift economy and desert living conditions where you must provide everything you need to survive and nothing is for sale. You will see art work and performance not seen anywhere else.

The Gate will be open at Noon on Wednesday and the event runs until 4pm on Sunday. No early arrivals, without a work access pass.

Early entrants must park in D LOT, on the property NOT ON THE ROAD LEADING to the EVENT!

What to Bring to Saguaro Man – Click Here for a Handy Guide

Saguaro Man, the Arizona Regional Burn, is about self-reliance, self-expression and creativity in an environment where we celebrate the differences in people instead of ridiculing them. More importantly, you as an attendee create what the event is. Individual and group participation and creativity is what Saguaro Man is about. Each person has unique talents-some of us don’t define ourselves as artists, but everyone has some talent or skill to offer as a participant at this event. We offer you the opportunity to explore those skills and talents with us. Remember, don’t come to be entertained… You are the entertainment.

The Arizona Announce list is a moderated announcements-only list for events of interest to local Burners. Recipients get regular updates, event listings, and Burning Man news from this list.
To subscribe, send a blank email to:  ​

Please make sure to review our Nudity & Children Policy which is in place to comply with Arizona Statutes and to ensure the survival of the Saguaro Man Event. Please direct comments to our Event Leads.

Saguaro Man is held on private property, in a hostile desert environment, with no food, water, gasoline or medical services nearby. The closest services are about 30 miles away. You MUST come prepared; we are NOT providing shelter, food or water for you to survive during this event. Evening temperatures are quite chilly, please remember to bring a coat, warm clothes and bedding.

Saguaro Man is a gift economy. Commercial vending, advertising or offering any items or services for sale is prohibited.

Ice Availability

Over the past few years AZBurners & Saguaro Man successfully tested an experiment in the distribution of Ice at our event. Instead of Ice being a ‘Commodity’ to be purchased during the event, and while upholding the principles of decommodification, ice was provided at a specific time on Friday, for anyone that needed it.

We will be purchasing bags of ice that will arrive during the event.  We will need town criers to announce the arrival of the ice truck. Ice will be available until we run out.


There is an expectation of a certain level of nudity at AZ Burner events on private property. At no time is it appropriate to intentionally expose private body parts, being reckless about the fact that another person present would be offended.

Arizona Revised Statute 13-1402 Covers Public Nudity.

Any AZ Burner event that is held at a location that is visible by, or open to the general public, must comply with this law. AZ Burner events held on private property, with no public view are permitted to have respectful nudity.

Arizona Revised Statute 13-1425  Covers ALL Nude Photography.

This law is aggressive and specific. If you plan on taking photographs of any nudity, it is your responsibility to know this law. AZ Burners does not support or encourage any illegal activity.


Saguaro Man now welcomes families with children at our events and hopes to continue this tradition in the future. Children are the future of our culture and we want to include them, educating them about our culture and art as they grow and become adults.

Those under the age of 18 will need a parent or guardian at least 21 years of age to be with them at the gate when they check in.  

Those 12 years and younger, will need to purchase a free ticket to get on the Will Call List. Make sure that you let us know the Gender & Age of your child – List Them with YOUR last name, to easily find them on the Will Call list.

children@azburners.orgJoin the Saguaro Man Kids Camp FaceBook Group for information about Kids Camp.

Please know if you bring your children, be prepared to supervise them THE ENTIRE TIME. Do not expect the community to watch your children for you. Parents are completely responsible for their children, and assuring that the childs “Under 21” Wristband is worn at all times. Additional “Under 21” wristbands are available at the Gate.  We want your children to have fun and you are solely responsible for their well-being. If community issues arise with any participant of Saguaro Man, the involved parties may be asked to leave by event organizers. This includes children and their parent(s)/guardian(s).

Join the Saguaro Man Kids Camp FaceBook Group

Fire Policy

You should be familiar with Saguaro Man Fire Art Policies & Saguaro Man Fire Policy

Fire is an integral part of our Arizona community. At Saguaro Man we encourage and support all types of safe fire art and overall fire appreciation. The following information and guidelines are designed to promote the safe use of Burn Barrels, Fire Performance Art, Burnable Art, and Flame Effects including Poofers and Fire Sculpture.

The integrity of Saguaro Man heavily relies on having a safe relationship with fire. One slip up, mistake, mishap or oversight may result in hazardous consequences. Not only does it threaten the future of our regional event, it could seriously hurt or even kill a participant. Working with, handling, and dealing with fire should never be taken lightly. Please cooperate with Fire Safety Leads, Heliotropic Rangers, Event Leads, Camp Placement, and Art Team and the community at large when working with fire. We do not want to limit creative expression, but strive to keep our participants safe.

If you have specific questions about fire at Saguaro Man, please email


Dog policy (Our Pets/Friends/Companions & Family Members) are welcome @ Saguaro Man

Dogs Need a Ticket!

  • Dog participants must be well trained and be on a leash, always. The owner is 100% responsible for the dog’s behavior, interactions with other dogs, other people, and with the land. Dog owners should know that if their dog bites, snarls, growls, or otherwise violates this policy (which will be left up to the discretion of Saguaro Man leadership) that the dog and dog owner will be asked to leave.
  • The best policy is to leave your dog at home. If you bring your dog to Saguaro Man, your dog needs a free ticket, should be well socialized with other dogs and people. Be sure that your dog is compatible with large events like this – crowds, children, other animals, loud music, bright lights and most of all fire. If you do bring your dog, you are advised to keep him away from camps and parties with loud music and fire effects. Dogs have sensitive hearing and it can be damaged by loud sounds.
  • Each individual owner can bring no more than three dogs. Attempting to skirt this requirement by registering your dogs with more than one owner will be grounds for expulsion from the event
  • Each dog will be issued a numbered tag. Dog & Owner will be registered at the gate. If complaints about the dog are made, they will be documented, and Saguaro Man leadership will be notified.
  • Each dog should be brightly lit at night, for his safety and those around him.
  • When unattended, the dog should be placed in an enclosure, pen, or inside a camper where it will be comfortable and safe. Dogs should not be left alone for long periods of time where they may be excessively barking or otherwise causing problems for neighbors. Yes, your dog barks when you are gone.
  • Dog owners are encouraged (but not required) to camp at or near Dogville, where they will be less likely to disturb those without dogs – Contact Dogville about camping with Dogville.
  • If your dog is found running around without YOU it’s owner, being abusive to other dogs or people, or otherwise causing problems, a warning will be issued and depending on the severity, you and your dog may be asked to leave delete and/or banned from bringing dogs to AZBurner events in the future. These decisions will be up to Saguaro Man leadership
  • Dog owners must immediately pick up dog waste. Please, do not consider that it’s okay to litter the land with it. It creates an immediate health hazard for the event. The owners of Dogville have gratuitously purchased pet waste litter boxes. Your pets waste should be placed here and not in the portable restrooms, which is for Human Bodily waste ONLY.
  • The bottom line is that you must have your dogs under control and safely taken care of throughout the event. Bringing a dog to Saguaro man is a privilege, not a right. Think of it like bringing a baby. You must put your dog’s safety and well-being (and the safety and well-being of other animals and participants) first and foremost in your efforts.

BOTTOM LINE: Dog owners need to have their dogs in control throughout the event! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Hand-Held Lasers:

Small lasers are cheaper and more powerful than ever before, which means they are more prevalent and can cause more of a risk to public safety @ Saguaro Man. Hand-held lasers at burns have always been annoying, but they’re also dangerous. While lasers are not new to our culture, technological advances have made them inexpensive & powerful enough to cause permanent injury from distances up to 10 miles away.

The event known as Burning Man aka TTITD banned hand-held lasers in 2015 due to safety concerns when a Ranger on Burn Perimeter was blinded and permanently disabled because of a hand-held laser. Hand-held lasers will not be permitted; please leave them at home. Do not bring them. Period.

Art Projects may employ mounted lasers or smaller hand-held lasers with Art Project Lead supervision and said lasers must stay with the Art Project at all times; these exceptions must have per-approval from the Saguaro Man Leads & the Art Council.

Use COMMON SENSE – Don’t point lasers at people. If you are caught with an unapproved hand-held laser @ Saguaro Man said laser will be confiscated for the duration of the event.


Arizona is a “right to carry state” – per Arizona Statutes ARS §13-3102-08: Citizens have the right to openly carry and travel with a firearm without a permit, and concealed with a permit. However due to the nature of this event, insurance regulations and consumption of alcohol by some attendees we ask that if you travel with a firearm that you leave it safely stored unloaded in your vehicle while inside this event. You may not carry or display a firearm as part of your participation inside this event.

Drugs and Alcohol

The use of illegal drugs and under-aged drinking is not condoned at Saguaro Man. Please do not bring illegal substances or paraphernalia to Saguaro Man. All county and state laws are applicable while attending the Saguaro Man event. All attendees under the age of 21 will be issued a separate distinctive wrist-band.

Emergency Services

We know as Burners you are already Radically Self-Reliant, however when the unexpected strikes, when Medical Services are needed; we want you to know that there are resources available.

The Emergency Services station will be located behind Ranger HQ (Next to Center Camp).  If you encounter cuts, scrapes or booboos – we are here to assist. We also have a small number of over-the-counter medicines to help with minor illnesses and reactions. We will also have a driver & transport available if the Emergency Services staff recommends that you seek off-site Medical Assistance.

If you feel you or someone else needs medical attention, please get a hold of a Ranger, Saguaro Man Lead, or go to Emergency Services. Safe and HAPPY BURN!

About AZ Burners

When attending regional functions at Burning Man, someone’s home or at a remote regional event the AZBurners practice a few core values.
If you are new to our group we’d like you to take a moment and read the core values so you understand how we socialize as a group.

  • Leave No Trace. Pack it in Pack it out and clean up after your self. Leave nothing behind. Also we ask that you take the time to look around and be prepared to clean up something some other burner might have missed.
  • Respect for other people’s property and that of their neighbors is an absolute necessity. Trashing someone’s land during a gathering or tossing trash, cups, bottles and cigarette butts on the ground or floor is a big No.
  • Acceptance of other cultures and lifestyles is required. We celebrate the differences between us but in the end we are all Burners. Individuality and radical self expression is part of the culture of Burning Man.
  • Have respect for other people’s personal boundaries. No means No. Just because someone is naked or partially so, does not mean they want to have sex with you, or that they want “Touch”. You must treat everyone with respect and dignity even if we are silly looking and act weird.
  • Violent behavior against others is not permitted. If you have issues with someone leave the area or ask the hosts or Heliotropic Rangers to intervene and resolve the dispute in a non violent way.
  • You must always ask if it is OK to take pictures or video of people for personal and private use. You must never place those images on a public website without their permission.
  • It is never OK to sell images or video of regional events or publish images of our events without written permission of the event hosts, planners and people photographed. There are free red bands available at gate. Anybody wearing this red bracelet is expressing their desire to not be photographed. Any images that contain a person wearing the red band should be deleted or altered, to hide the person. Violation of this rule can have consequences, up to and including suspension from future events.
  • We practice a gift economy. Offering items and services for sale at regional events is prohibited. Vending and commercial activity is not allowed.
  • No spectators, Participate…Don’t Spectate. Create and share.
  • Refrain from creating cliquesWe all have close Burner friends we enjoy being with. Including others can make lifelong friends. Remember, at one point we were all Newbies.