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Saguaro Man 2020 Cancelled

Sadly, the time has come. Saguaro Man 2020 is cancelled due to the ongoing public health crisis in Arizona. Here’s what you need to know …

🎟️ Tickets. All ticket holders will automatically receive partial refunds. Refund amounts and timing details to come. Thank you for your patience as we work through finances and logistics.

💸 Donations. If you don’t need your refund, you can donate it to AZ BWB to help with civic outreach projects like blood drives, masks are vital, community art, etc. More details to come.

🎨 Art grants. If you received an art grant in 2020, we look forward to seeing your art at Saguaro Man 2021. Questions? Contact

🚑 Thank you. We appreciate the thoughtful input of Michael Wright and the healthcare professionals on the volunteer COVID Response Team.

🌵 Save the date. Saguaro Man 2021 is tentatively scheduled for October, 2021. Please wear a mask and social distance NOW so we can reconvene in 2021!