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Heliotropic Rangers

Heliotropic Rangers Logo

Rangers are the historical guardians of our desert community. We ride the edge of chaos and assume a civic responsibility for the general safety of participants, the preservation of community standards, and the core values of the AZ Burner community.

Heliotropic Rangers are not law enforcement, but rather volunteers who are committed to preserving our unique social and artistic community while minimizing the chances that anyone gets hurt. Identified by our “khaki” hats and logoed shirts, we volunteer our time and energy during Arizona Regional Events to make sure that the event is safe and fun for everyone. Rangers are available to mediate disputes that may arise within the community, provide assistance to those in need, and serve as a contact point between the event and local residents or law enforcement agencies.

Becoming a Ranger

To become a Heliotropic (AZ Regional) Ranger

  • Attend a training or to be a Black Rock Ranger in good standing.
  • You need to have previously attended a recognized Burning Man or a recognized BM Regional like Toast, Saguaro Man, AZ Decompression or any another Burning Man regional event
  • You work a “mentoring shift” with an experienced Ranger for your first shift.

[Volunteer as a Ranger at Saguaro Man, Decomp or other AZ Regional Events]

Feedback from Participants

Did you interact with a ranger at an AZBurner event? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Please fill in this form. Thanks!

[Heliotropic Ranger Feedback Form]

Saguaro Man 2024

Schedules are being worked on for all aspects of Heliotropic Ranger operations, including Ranger HQ, patrols, camping, and coordinating with Fire Leads for fire suppression on burn nights.

We plan to host our mandatory Ranger Orientation Meeting (ROM) training on site at Saguaro Man, in coordination with affiliate regional trainings administered by other Regional Ranger Organizations and the Black Rock Rangers.

Rangers at Saguaro Man

Visit to look in on Rangering at other Regional Events.