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October 2020 Listserv Announcements

RC Survey 

Burning Man wants YOUR input on these candidates for our NEW Arizona Regional Contacts (RCs).

Our new RCs will work with the Arizona leadership team and our current RCs to foster the Burning Man community in Arizona.

Who will it be? Help Burning Man decide by sending your input at this link by October 18th

We had an optional “get to know you” / “meet-and-greet” for the candidates for the Regional Contact position on Sunday October 11th at 7pm or Wednesday October 14th at 7pm.  Feel free to join us and put some faces to the names of the people interested in stepping forward!  The meetings will be recorded and posted.  Link here:

Code of Conduct

The Co Creators and Leadership team have identified an issue with the code of conduct submission system.  We have corrected the issue, but cannot validate that all Code of Conduct reports were received.  Every submission should have had a response.  If you submitted a report and never got a response, please resubmit here: 


IGNiGHT Virtual Gallery

In the interim, Dillon and team have created an amazing IGNiGHT Virtual Art Gallery showcasing the work of Arizona Burning Man artists! You can experience it yourself here:

More IGNiGHT information:


Looking for something to do? These events are not officially-sanctioned by AZ Burners or Burning Man, but they look like a good time to us.

If you’d like your event added to this calendar, see instructions on the calendar page…


For answers to questions or concerns, please use the contact page HERE

Or email

To report a code of conduct violation:

The Arizona Announce list is a moderated announcements-only list for events of interest to local Burners. Recipients get regular updates, event listings, and Burning Man news from this list.

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