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Mutant Vehicles

Questions about Mutant Vehicles @ Saguaro Man should be directed to:

The mission of the Saguaro Man Department of Mutant Vehicles is to enable Saguaro Man participants to share their Mutant Vehicle creations with the community. The Saguaro Man Department of Mutant Vehicles (DMV) must balance the desire to have vehicles at the event with the community standards of keeping Saguaro Man a walking-friendly event, maintaining a level of safety, and adhering to the stipulations of our land use permit. Simply put, the DMV is there to make it possible for the Mutant Vehicles to be at Saguaro Man. If there were no DMV, there would be no mobile art at Saguaro Man. The Saguaro Man DMV staff has the responsibility to process Mutant Vehicles registrations and or inspect Mutant Vehicles on-site.

What is a Mutant Vehicle?

  • A Mutant Vehicle is a unique, motorized creation that shows little or no resemblance to their original form, or to any standard street vehicle. Mutant Vehicles are radically, stunningly, (usually) permanently, and safely modified from their base vehicle. Sometimes the whole vehicle is made from scratch.
  • For safety reasons, Mutant Vehicles must not mimic any type of emergency service or law enforcement vehicle, which includes the use of Police or Emergency sirens and lights.
  • Mutant Vehicles are integral to the culture and community and contribute to the surreal yet visual quality that binds the community together.

Mutant Vehicle Licensing and Criteria

In order to drive a Mutant Vehicle around Saguaro Man, it must be licensed.

  • Be sure to read all applicable Polices – Procedures – Driving Rules
  • Pre-register your Mutant Vehicle. Pre-Registration will certainly streamline your arrival process.
  • Upon arrival at Saguaro Man; Gate Staff will alert the DMV Dept. and will meet you either at the gate or at your campsite for a final on-site vehicle inspection and licensing prior to driving your vehicle at the event.
  • Upon inspection DMV Staff may request a demonstration of your Mutant Vehicle in motion to ensure compliance with our safety guidelines.

In order to be eligible for a Mutant Vehicle license you must satisfy ALL of the following criteria:

  1. Level of Mutation – Mutate your vehicle to the point that it is not recognizable as a street vehicle. A radically mutated vehicle will not resemble or represent a car, truck, golf cart or any other readily identifiable street vehicle.
  2. Interactivity – Provide an interactive experience for participants of Saguaro Man. Interactivity is defined as an opportunity for any Saguaro Man festival participants to participate in some activity offered by your vehicle. Do you entertain a crowd? Have plenty of room for riders? Provide a service to the community via your vehicle? Include an interactive element?
  3. Safety – Depending on the size and style of your vehicle, some or all of the following may apply: The vehicle must be able to maintain a steady speed of five (5) MPH (the speed limit within Saguaro Man) or less. Brakes must be in good working order. The vehicle should have sturdy side railings and stair railings. There should be no sharp or protruding objects. A fire extinguisher is highly recommended. Keeping a first aid kit on board is just plain smart. The vehicle should also have a safe access area and procedures for loading and unloading passengers.
  4. Lighting – For vehicles seeking to drive at night: The rear, front AND sides must be lit. All vehicle extremities must be lit. Anywhere someone would walk, step, or climb on your vehicle should be lit, especially stairs and ladders and include working rear brake lights.
  5. Sound – All Mutant Vehicles must adhere to the established Saguaro Man Sound Policy and decibel Levels.

In addition to these criteria, you also agree to:

  • No flame effects in 2021! Mutant vehicles that incorporate flame effects must receive a Flame Effects approval prior to use at Saguaro Man.
  • Saguaro Man has a few simple driving guidelines. If you violate these community guidelines, you’ll lose the privilege of driving your Mutant Vehicle at Saguaro Man. In addition, you and your vehicle may also be removed from the event. Mutant Vehicle owners that cannot follow our simple rules run the risk of being asked to not bring their Mutant Vehicle to Saguaro Man in subsequent years.

Driving Rules at Saguaro Man

Anyone driving a Mutant Vehicle at Saguaro Man must adhere to all the following driving rules. These include:

  • Pre-register your Mutant Vehicle. Pre-Registration will certainly streamline your arrival process.
  • Mutant vehicles must follow the road directions at all times.
  • Abide by all applicable federal and Arizona state laws, including all open container laws (no open containers within reach of the driver)
  • Drive at a speed of 5 mph or less
  • Give the right of way to pedestrians, bicycles, and emergency services vehicles.
  • Follow the reasonable and applicable vehicle laws for road safety – and go slow…….
  • Stop immediately upon being hailed by any Saguaro Man Staff member, Heliotrope Ranger, or law enforcement officer.
  • No driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • No driving during rain or snow —— (just saying).
  • Vehicles for night use must be Fully & Radically Illuminated.
  • Obey sound policies – All Mutant Vehicles must adhere to the established Saguaro Man Sound Policy and decibel Levels.
  • Mutant Vehicles that have more than one level will not be allowed to travel towards the Saguaro Man gate due to the sharp curves on the road.
  • All moving Mutant Vehicles must ensure that ALL passengers are seated.
  • Create a clear field of vision for the operator, including rear and side mirrors.
  • Constant idling is discouraged for participant safety.
  • All Mutant Vehicles should be free of any leaks or fluids.
  • Mutant Vehicle with attached trailers will not be allowed due to our small event footprint and road size.
  • Have a safe access area and procedures for loading and unloading passengers.
  • Clearly display the Mutant Vehicle license in a location specified by the Saguaro Man DMV staff.
  • Failure to adhere to the Mutant Vehicle / Saguaro Man requirements and rules, the vehicle(s) in question will not allowed to drive within the event.
  • Mutant Vehicle owner assumes full responsibility for use at Saguaro Man, including all passengers, and any additional drivers of that Mutant Vehicle.
  • **All Mutant Vehicles must complete the Saguaro Man Mutant Vehicle Registration – Pre-Registration will certainly streamline your arrival process.  All Mutant Vehicles will be inspected upon arrival to the Saguaro Man site.

    Any questions should be sent to: