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May 2021 Announcements

Virtual Town Hall

(The State of AZ Burners)

This is an open invitation to anybody who is interested in what is going on in the Arizona Burning man community. Our 2021 Town Hall is scheduled for 3-5 p.m. on Saturday June 5th. It will be virtual via Zoom and will also be recorded in case you are unable to attend. 

Tickets for Saguaro Man 2021

CURRENT Ticket Info at:

  • May 15 – Rollover tickets
    • Current 2020 ticket holders will be allocated 2021 tickets. 
    • More information on rollovers will be sent out in mid May.
  • June 1See above SM Tickets – Early Bird sale
    • 2020 Refunded ticket holders will be invited to an early bird sale for the same number of tickets they had in 2020 . They will have 2 weeks to exercise this option.
    • Volunteers/Directed sales
      (Returning volunteers, Rangers, Medical, Firefighters)
  • June 15See above SM Tickets – New Ticket Sales
    • Any Early Bird/Refunded tickets not claimed during the 2 week period will become available for the main sale
  • Baked Sale (The “4/20” tickets)
    In an effort to cover a variety of costs related to prepping for Saguaro Man  (for example hand washing stations, daily potty cleanings, land prep, etc) the Saguaro Man team have decided to have a “Baked Sale” (A one-time fundraiser ticket). The 25 tickets available are over and above the previous number of tickets, so there is no impact on regular tickets. Unsold Baked Sale tickets will NOT be rolled over into the main sale. The face value of the ticket is still $100 and the additional $320 is a non-refundable donation towards Saguaro Man prep.
    • Price: $420.00 ($100 ticket + $320 donation towards SagMan 2020 and Land development)
    • Refunds/resale at $100 (donation remains a donation)
    • 20 tickets remaining

Covid Survey Response

The AZBurners Covid Response Team facilitated a survey of our community with regard to Covid-19 vaccinations and views on levels of precautions that are under consideration for Saguaro Man. Well over 200 people participated. If you have not yet participated, the survey is being kept open for another week. It only takes a few minutes to complete, and we really want your input! You’ll find the survey here:

We will be sharing the results of the survey in a separate mailing later this month, along with an explanation of how the AZBurners community board is using the survey input to inform decisions regarding Saguaro Man – from finalizing the go/no-go decision to ways in which we can keep the event as safe as possible for all. _______________________________________________________

For answers to questions or concerns, please use the contact page HERE

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