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March 2021 – Announcements

Saguaro Man 2021

  • Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation and after consulting with the AZBurner Pandemic committee we do not believe it would be safe for us to hold Saguaro Man in May.  
  • Tentative new dates for Saguaro Man 2021 are October 13th through 17th. 
  • We need to be good neighbors. We should not risk a COVID outbreak in the small town of Wilcox.
  • Saguaro Man 2021 Ticket sales will be announced in May!


  • Gallery-based art and acculturation exhibit celebrating the 10 Principles through the art of Arizona Burners.
  • March 19,20,21 evenings at the Alwun House in Phoenix, AZ
  • Virtual participation is RADICALLY ENCOURAGED
  • Limited scheduled reservations for socially distanced-masked experience available March 10th via Eventbrite
  • Art in the Gallery and Garden art will be on display 12-6pm Tuesdays through Fridays.
  • Call for art and volunteers! What would you like to bring to IGNiGHT? 
    • Gate/Greeters / History/Principles / Theme Camp / LED Talks / Center Camp / Effigy of Man / Deep Playa artwork / Temple experience / Porta Potty experience

RC Selection Update

This is Fred (aka SciFi) from the Regional Network team in San Francisco. I’m reaching out with exciting news. My team is honored to announce that Armella Gaines (aka QueenVoney), Lisa Scheinkopf (aka Sassy Britches), and Tiffany Nation (aka Gigi-D L’Amour) are your new Regional Contacts (RCs)! 

RCs help nurture opportunities for self-expression, civic engagement, and participation in their local communities. They embody leadership skills that keep with the values and principles of the Burning Man community and they see the potential for what the Burning Man ethos can spark in the world. More info on the RC role can be found here.  

Thank you to all the wonderful candidates who stepped up and self-nominated for the role. It was truly a tough choice, with so many qualified and capable Burners ready to step-up and support the Arizona community. 

Also, thank you to everyone who shared feedback about working with the candidates. Community feedback plays an integral role in Burning Man’s selection process; we appreciate your participation. 

For those of you who don’t know our new RCs…

Armella Gaines (aka QueenVoney) first attended Burning Man in 2016, and has gifted many hours on-playa to both GP&E and her camp, Poly Paradise. Armella is also heavily involved in her local community through AZ Burners, and has been the Gate/Greeter lead for the past three years. 

Lisa Scheinkopf (aka Sassy Britches) has been going to Burning Man since 2011, an experience she describes as ‘profound’, that brought out creative, playful, and civic-minded elements in herself. She has also helped organize and volunteer for the IgNight event, a three-day Flow Arts Community celebration in Southern California. 

Tiffany Nation (aka Gigi-D L’Amour) has been a part of the Burning Man community both regionally and at large since 2003. She is also a founder of The Bureau of Erotic Discourse (B.E.D.) where she has helped coordinate volunteers and workshops in collaboration with ESD, BMORG, and theme camps to create a culture of consent at Burning Man.

My team deeply appreciates the leadership that Ron (aka Buddha) and Pam (aka Qttpie) have brought to the Arizona community over the years. We feel that the new RCs are in good hands and will be well mentored. Thank you!  We would also like to thank Meta Regional Contact Scott ‘Scotto’ Platsky, Corinne ‘Hermione’ Vivers, Ruvi Wijesuriya, Josh ‘Boots’ Parry, for their thoughtful collaboration in the RC search as interviewers.

You can reach Armella, Lisa, and Tiffany (plus Ron and Pam!) by emailing And make sure to check out Arizona’s webpage here


SciFi and the whole Regional Network Team