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AZBurners’ Land

In early 2020, the AZ Burners purchased 80 acres of land outside Wilcox in Cochise County in Southeast Arizona. The land will serve as a permanent home for community events.

In order to visit the land – a land visit request form must be submitted for approval.

This form is to be submitted and approved before any visit to Arizona Artistic land. The form should be submitted 30 days before the planned visit. 

Each person visiting the land will need to sign a LAND DISCLAIMER & RELEASE OF LIABILITY waiver.

To hold an event on Arizona Artistic Inc. Land, there needs to be a signed Property Agreement in place. Event requests should be made no later than 60 days prior to the start of the lease date. Event requests may be made one year in advance.

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Map of AZ showing Wilcox, AZ

Click this link for

Direction to the land

Just to give you an idea of what to expect when you get there, check out the WWWW (Who, What, Where, When) page

We’ve had questions about the land and whether it is ready for tents and RVs. Here are a few recent photos. Our Work Weekends are all about cleaning up and prepping the land for camping. Many many thanks to the DPW team and the volunteers who have spent countless hours in the heat, working on the land.

Sunset over the land
The Land at Sunset
Land surface
Land - low brush
Land surface
Land shrubbery
Land at sunset

To our knowledge, AZ Burners is the second region along with the Los Angeles region to purchase land. 

Total cost of the land, legal due diligence work, and fees was approximately $26,000.

How did we get to this point?

In January 2019, a team of community leaders answered a public call-for-volunteers to research WHAT land type and location could best serve AZ Burners and HOW AZ Burners could best organize, purchase, and protect the land.

The team included Armella, Cookie, Dad, Juan Carlos (“Ranger Good Start”), Little Red, Naked Mike, qqtpie, Ranger Housecall, Ruvi, Scotto, Serpico, Sharkie, Sunny. Additionally, community input was solicited and gathered at multiple public and digital forums throughout 2019 and early 2020. 

In January 2020, members of the Land Team made multiple site visits to assess the suitability of various parcels for community events. The Land Team reached consensus on the suitability of 80 acres in the general vicinity of Willcox. 

Following this decision, a member of the Land Team who is a professional realtor began the process of acquiring the land. We estimate land costs to be in the ~$25,000 range including closing costs. 

During this period, the Land Team secured private funding in the form of a loan from community member(s) who wish to remain anonymous. The details of the transaction, including land cost and repayment schedule, will be made public once the purchase contracts are signed. We expect the loan to be completely repaid within one year. 

And how is this all going down?

The following details are intended to clarify how this will all get done. If you have questions, please email 

– Land was purchased and is owned by Arizona Artistic Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). The LLC’s board members are the Burning Man Project’s official Regional Contact “qqtpie Pam” and community leader Tim (“Serpico”) Genenbacher. Land Team member Juan C. Flamand (“Ranger Good Start”) will be added to the LLC’s board and together develop an interim land management plan. The Board will solicit and incorporate community input in developing the initial charter for the land.

– Arizona Artistic Inc. (AA Inc) was formed as a not-for-profit corporation to that will act as a steward for the land, on behalf of the AZBurner community.

– Payment for the land was provided by Arizona Artistic Conflagurators LLC (not to be confused with Arizona Artistic LLC). Its board members at the time were Ron (“Buddha”) Russell, Pam “qqtpie” Whitney, and Ruvi Wijesuriya. 

– Arizona Artistic Conflagurators Inc. (AAC Inc) is a not-for-profit entity that invests all revenue into art grants, event operations, local charities, etc.

– Saguaro Man, AZ Decompression, and other events will be run by Arizona Regional Productions LLC – and land use fees will be paid to the AA Inc to cover land maintenance and upkeep costs as well as long term improvements.

If you have questions, please email

The AZ Burners Land Team on the ground in Cochise County. Photo credit: Armella.

Land Purchase Feedback Form