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So you want to be an Arizona Burner, eh?

Do you know about the ten principles of Burning Man? Are you kind of familiar with the ethos burners and want to learn more about it because we seem like your kind of tribe? Do you love art, camping, fire and, above all, building community with awesome people? Do you love to volunteer and want to participate in our events to the fullest of your abilities? Have you been to Burning Man and just want to connect with other local burners and check out the scene? If you said yes to any of the above then you are in the right place!

If you want to be a part of the AZ Burner online community, you either need an invite from a current member or you need to request an invite from our leadership team. Just fill out the request form, one of our lead members will review your request and send you an invitation to join. Joining our community means you get access to volunteer signup sheets, private events, our own social area and groups and much more.

Online Community Login Request
Example: Phoenix, AZ

Please be sure to read the Arizona Burner Code of Conduct before you join. We expect all members of our community to abide by the Code of Conduct. Violators will be handled in the manner described in Code of Conduct and there is a form to report any violations available for those who need it, just follow the link in the top of this paragraph and scroll down to see the form.

You can also sign up for our Arizona Announce list, the official announcements list for AZ Burners. Just send an email using the link here and you’ll get all the deets in your inbox from our regional leaders.

We also have an awesome Facebook page you are welcome to check out by using THIS LINK.

Thanks for your interest in AZ Burners…. Welcome Home!