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AZ Burner Land – Directions

AZ Burner Land – Directions

2023 update: We now have an address and Google Maps has pretty much figured out how to get there! 6303 S. Covered Wagon, Willcox, AZ 85643

ADOT information and it will route you around any closures.

The usual directions are below

Download a printable 2 page map: Landy McLandface Map

Landy McLandface (name TBD) is approximately 2 hours South-East of Tucson. The closest town is Willcox, AZ. Watch your speed on local roads! Also, when on the dirt, be kind to others and drive slow on dirt roads – particularly near homes (20 mph or less) and once on the property – 5 mph.

Here’s a quick video that shows the road leading up to the property. Please leave your low-rider at home

NOTE: For insurance and liability reasons, the land is CLOSED to visitors, unless you are registered to volunteer at a scheduled Work Weekend, or an AZBurner event like Saguaro Man or Decom.  We ask that you do not enter the property without written permission from the Land Stewards or DPW Lead.

Step-by-step Directions:

  • I-10 to Willcox
  • Exit 336 (Rte 10 Bypass) – go 3 miles
    • Last two gas options are a Chevron and a Circle K
  • Turn Right on 186 – go 6 miles
  • Turn Right on Kansas Settlement Rd – go 6 miles
  • Turn Left on Arzberger Rd – go 5.2 miles
  • Turn Right on Quicksilver – 0.1 miles
  • Turn Left into E. Cattle Dr – 1 mile
  • Turn Left into Covered Wagon Drive – 2.2 miles
  • Landy McLandface will be on your left
  • _______
  • Last shopping opportunity
  • I1-10, Exit 340 (Rex Allen Dr)
    • Supermarkets
    • Ace Hardware
    • Auto Parts
    • Truck stops
  • Bulk Water Fill Station

Willcox, AZ to AZBurner Land

Map to AZBurners Land

Google Maps Links

If you wish to use Google Maps, here’s a link.

Visual Information

I-10 exit 336 and proceed for 3.4 miles – then turn RIGHT to Maley St / Hwy 186

Google Streets View had some photos of the intersections. There are some options for food, etc. so consider stopping by and supporting local businesses.

I-10 Business route to Hwy 186

Hwy 186 branch RIGHT to Kansas Settlement Road

Turn right into S. Kansas Settlement Road
Hwy 186 to S. Kansas Settlement Road

S. Kansas Settlement Road turn LEFT into Azberger Road

Azberger Road bypass to loop around to Covered Wagon
Google Maps will insist that you can take Azberger Road to Covered Wagon. This is incorrect.
You can not continue straight on Arzbergers, past 5.2 miles, to get to Covered Wagon. You will hit a private facility and they will make you turn around. There is a group of gray mailboxes next to a black & yellow striped sign. So you can detour just to the south of the private property and reach the road to our property:
Azberger Road > (R) Quicksilver > (L) E. Castle Drive > (L) Butterfield Rd, which becomes Covered Wagon

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