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Artist’s Electrical Safety Checklist

Artist’s Electrical Safety Checklist

All Art Projects that require grid power must be inspected for safety and compliance
by an Electrical Power Grid team member before use of electrical power is granted.

Electrical distribution (distro) boxes are placed throughout the event. Use only the
outlet that an Electrical Grid team member will assign you on initial start-up. Do not
plug in until cleared for use.

Event Generator is “Off-Limits” to anyone who has NOT been vetted to operate it.

Bring the proper extension cord.

  • We recommend a 100 ft, 12 or 14 gauge extension cord. You might not need all that length. On the other hand, you might need it!
  • Use only weather-resistant heavy gauge extension cords marked “for outdoor use.”
  • Use grounded (three-pronged) cords and never remove the grounding pin.
  • Examine cords, and all your project wiring, for defects such as; cracked housing, splits in plastic, and fraying of wires. Defects can result in power loss, shock, electrocution or fire.

In case of rain:

  • Keep all connection points on your project covered.
  • If using a power strip, mount it above the ground and cover/waterproof it well.
  • Never power-up or plug-in while wet or close to water. Make sure you are dry and not in contact
  • with water or metal surfaces.
  • If rain is present, only use battery powered tools near wet areas.
  • note – the distro box is equipped with a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFI) to help prevent electrocutions and electrical shock injuries.

Electrical Power Grid will be off from 6AM – 11AM everyday with no power on Sunday.

If you find a LOCK-OUT tag on your project, you must find a Power Lead before we can reconnect you.

Find a Power Team member if you have any questions.
The Power Leads are: Chainsaw/Noreen and Sunny/Sunny

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