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Art Grant Guidelines and FAQ

Art Grant Guidelines and FAQ

This is a general guide to bringing grant funded art to AZ Burner events. First off – thank you!!

You should be familiar with:


The AZBurners Art Fund promotes artistic expression by providing financial support for art projects at the AZ Regional Events, Saguaro Man and Decompression. The goals of this fund are to attract a wider range of artists, inspire creativity, and foster diverse works of art that reflect the values within our community. The AZ Burner Art Fund promotes artistic expression by providing financial support for art projects at the AZ Regional Burning Man Events.

Regional events revolve around artistic expression, and we all benefit from the artist’s endeavors. In order to establish the opportunity for art funding, the regional committee has implemented an increase in ticket prices for the events. This increase is a reflection of the communities positive response to past art projects, and the call to greater artist participation.

The Art Grant web form is available for a date range before each Saguaro Man and Az Decompression event. It will be listed in the “Forms and Registrations” portion of the AZ Burners Info Center. After the form is closed, the Art Committee will then review, ask questions, request revisions and determine the award for approved projects. The more details you include, the less questions we’ll have for you, and the faster we can complete the decision process. Any materials submitted will not be returned, regardless of application acceptance. *Be sure and read ALL of the instructions* Your application must be 100% complete Answer all questions or it will not be considered. It is imperative that you provide us with a complete application in a timely manner. Please include drawings or diagrams to support your application, and a detailed budget is also required. Please assume that any materials submitted will not be returned, regardless of application acceptance.

Mandatory Considerations for Funding:

  • Project must appear at the AZ Burning Man regional event, Saguaro Man or Decompression during
    the current funding year
  • Volunteer commitment of materials and man hours are established
  • Additional funding sources are in place-grants fund only a portion of projects
  • Funding goes toward materials and project transportation only-funding does not cover labor
    costs or personal transportation.
  • Project demonstrates feasibility, planning, and a realistic budget and timeline
  • Safety procedures are in place
  • Leave No Trace plan is clearly established

Other considerations:

  • Art is interactive
  • Art provokes creative intelligence
  • Regional project is playa bound
  • Sustainable art versus one time burnable art
  • Reduce Reuse Recycle part of plan


  • Art grant proposals are submitted via the Art Grant web form
  • Each proposal is reviewed by the AZBurner Art Council
  • Only proposals that meet all requirements and criteria are accepted for consideration
  • Projects must adhere to a detailed production schedule and timeline as outlined in the original proposal
  • Grant Facilitators will assist artists with keeping to this schedule
  • Funded artists will provide the Art Council with progress reports
  • Funding requests for renovations on existing art installations are accepted
  • Funding will be dispersed following a signed contract between the artist and the AZBurners Art Fund and a W9 form.
  • In the event that a project is not completed, all funds will be returned to the art fund within 15 days of the event

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the purpose of the AZBurners Art Fund?

  • The AZBurners Art Fund promotes artistic expression by providing financial support for art projects at the AZ Regional Burning Man Events.

Where does the money for art grants come from?

  • The money comes from ticket sales to Saguaro Man and Az Decompression.

Is my art grant taxable? Will I get a 1099 tax form?

  • You will be asked to fill out a W9 form before receiving the grant. If the total amount of funds sent to you in the calendar year is over $600, then you will receive a 1099 form. AZ Burners is providing the same advice as Burning Man regarding taxation of their art grants. The verbiage below was copied from the Burning Man Global Art Grants Page in February 2023:

    Grant awards such as this are often considered taxable income to the recipient, at least in any amount in excess of the project’s costs. We will send both you and the IRS a form 1099 documenting the grant payments. We cannot offer any tax advice or information. Please consult a tax professional if you have any tax questions.

Will funds be set aside for fireworks, safety lighting, etc?

  • Fireworks are prohibited at our regional events, however, costs for ignition to burn projects and safety lighting can be built into your budget for material costs.

Do we cover transportation costs?

  • The cost for transporting projects can be built into the budget, however, the art fund does not cover personal transportation. Our preference is to maximize how money is dispersed by primarily funding material costs.

What are the sizes of the art grants?

  • The amount of funding depends entirely upon how much funding is in place, the number of proposals received, and total amounts requested.

If we receive a grant, can I keep and show my art at other events?

  • Yes, we encourage you to show your art at other events.

If we receive a grant, can I get into the event early?

  • Yes we encourage early entry for our artists to set up their projects prior to the opening of the event.

Can I apply for a grant if I received on last year?

  • Yes! We give preference to new artists to encourage as wide a variety of participants as possible, yet welcome returning artists to build and bring art again and again.

Can I reapply for a grant if I didn’t get one last year?

  • Yes!

Does the AZBurners Art Fund own publicity rights to the funded work, and what does that mean?

  • We ask that all grant recipients place the phrase “Funded in part by The AZBurners Art Fund” in any printed documents (and web pages) about the work. We also retain license to display images and descriptions of the work for publicity (such as on our web page) and for not-for-profit purposes.

Does our art have to be interactive / participatory?

  • One of the 10 Principles is that everyone should participate. In keeping with this ethos, participatory art is encouraged and interactivity is a consideration.

Will you be placing my art at the event?

  • Yes. Our Placement Team will be involved making sure your art is seen and enjoyed by the largest number of participants possible.

What happens if I don’t get my art installed prior to the event or within a certain time frame?

  • We allow early entry for all artists, funded and non-funded. Funded art is expected to be set up prior to the event opening on noon Wednesday. If this is not possible, an alternative plan MUST be agreed upon by the artist and the AzBurner Art Leads prior to the early entry arrival date. If the art installation is not set up within an agreed upon time frame, then we reserve the right to request a portion of the art grant to be returned within 15 days.

How is it determined which burn art projects will be accepted?

  • For safety reasons we will be limiting the number of projects that may be burned. Please understand that ONLY art that meets strict requirements AND is accepted as a burn project will be allowed to burn. Furthermore burns are dependent upon the approval of the Fire Safety Team during the event. If we cannot burn due to weather and/or climate conditions, artists will be expected to disassemble and bring the art home with them at the end of the event.

What are the artist’s responsibilities?

  • Complete your work
  • Keep the AZ Burner Art Council updated via progress reports
  • Communicate your progress-Let us know how things are going
  • Abide by the contract. Save and submit all receipts
  • Let us know where else you are displaying your work
  • Provide credit for the support given in print and web materials
  • Submit an after burn report for the project and your experience within 15 days of the event


Saguaro Man Artists who receive an Art Grant do NOT need to purchase tickets to the event – If your project is funded you will receive ONE ticket (Name added to the Will Call List) to the event as thanks; of course if you or your crew need additional tickets then by all means make those ticket purchases. If your proposal is not funded and Saguaro Man tickets sell out, a block of tickets will be set aside/available for purchase for those artists.

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