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Holidaze 2022

cHolidaze Graphic - art by Kevin Price

Holidaze is a Burner themed campout that happens during the holidays. It is a smaller event, typically hosted at a burner’s home/property. This is a free event – and due to budgetary limitations this year, AZ Burners is unable to help with costs. If you would like to assist the host with potty rentals, etc. you can contribute via:


12:00 noon Friday December 30 to Sunday January 1, 2023 afternoon.
 If you wish to arrive early – please email Richard and you can help set up.


The Cynosure Vortex,
5963 S. River View Lane, Camp Verde, AZ

Our host is Richard Wizardry
Richard on a work-in-progress
Contact Richard with any questions:
alkymist (at) yahoo (dot) com

Weather at night  averages mid 20s and it can snow this time time of year, day time temps are around 60 degrees this time of year, we have a fire ring. wood and can use more and burn barrels. We could use help to dig out a door and clean one of my under ground tanks. to make a cuddle space drumming room.

Directions from just about anywhere

The major cross roads at I-17 and General Crook Trail
Google Map Location
Downloadable Directions

  • Exit I-17 at General Crook Trail exit and take a RIGHT towards SR 260.
  • Make a RIGHT on SR 60 (AKA S. Access Road)
  • And the next RIGHT into Oasis Road
  • And a RIGHT on Salt Mine Road. Look at your odometer, it’s 6.6 miles to the next turn
  • Make a LEFT on River Bend
  • A RIGHT at the stop sign (Fisherman’s Road)
  • Fisherman’s road makes a 90 degree curve left
  • My gate is at the bottom of the hill at Fisherman Road and River View Lane.
  • Google gets people lost and might take you to the verde hot springs road, next door or a road that doesn’t exit. Google also has the road listed as “River View Drive” and hasn’t as yet corrected it.
  • IMPORTANT! We live on open range there are currently cows graze the open mountain range along salt mine road near me. Black cows at night = invisible cows. If you hit a cow on open range you buy the cow, they are expensive. Please drive with you high bright’s when possible. The  road is paved to my gate.

How can you help?

  • Prior to the event we need help clearing camp space and prepping the land
  • During the event we need some volunteers to help with greeting, parking, LNT supervision, help set up, tear down, etc.
  • After the event we could use some help with tear down and clean-up
  • If you would like to help support the host and his ranch you can do so through:


Leave No Trace! We love hosting because people are good about cleaning up. Please leave ALL areas picked up, leave it better than you found it. We do not have normal garbage collection here. I recycle aluminum, burn paper and cardboard, take all your garbage home.


Bring Your Own Everything: Remember this party is a community event and is what you make it. There will be lots of space for you to share food and drink. There is a BBQ grill for use. Things to bring: food, water, drinks, ice chests, breakfast for Sunday, warm clothes, fire spinning gear, art of all sizes, music, tents, camping gear, hiking gear.

House Rules

This is a private Homestead/residence, we will be carding people who we don’t know who appear as if they might be under 21.

Those persons under 21 who are not with a responsible person 21 or over will not be admitted. Children under 18 are welcome with their parents. Family camping and attendance is encouraged. However any parents that are not supervising their children will be asked to leave. We want this to be an event every member of the community can enjoy 8mo-80 years.

Please us your best judgment when inviting other individuals and use your best PLAYA etiquette. Would you trust this person enough to have him or her drunk and unsupervised at your house, or around your children? Playa attire highly recommended, but not required. As always new people are welcome to attend this event. However please remember this is a  private homestead. Because of this we ask you to invite people accordingly, thanks!

NO NUDITY, due to the layout of our property and AZ State law we cannot permit nudity. However given the time of year I doubt anyone will want to be nude. Keep in mind Camp Verde is usually 10 degrees cooler than Phoenix. Expect it to be furry coat weather at night.

Camping/ RV’s/Trailers: we are on 4.25 acres adjacent to State land and the foot of Squaw Peak Mountain and the verde river. There is plenty of space to pitch a tent and all are encouraged to do so. We have space for  trailers and RV’s  I have a cleanout for a RV.


Camp fires are only allowed in the pre-designated spots. If you want to bring a burn barrel you must also bring 2, 5 gallon buckets that must be filled with water at all times when the fire is going the buckets must be within 5 feet of the burn barrel in plain site. All fires will have filled water buck. Fire performance is welcome however you must have at least one fire safety per person lit up, you must also have at least 1 full 5 gallon bucket of water nearby and a fire extinguisher.


I plan to build a small sculpture to burn, we have space and lots of art it, so much space we can easily display as many of the large art pieces as you all can bring. So any and all art is welcome.


I have speakers and no amp/mixer, I might have someone to come with a sound system, you are welcome to bring your music etc. I have neighbors on 3 sides. amplified music shouldn’t exceed 85db 3′ in front of speakers and pointed towards the river.


Please don’t go into any pens without permission, don’t antagonize the really big dog. Please leave your dogs home, unless a service dog.


If no one is at the gate there is a double entry system to prevent animals from escaping, open and close one gate at a time.

Coming early

If you want to come help cut fire wood get us set up and camp early you are welcome. Please contact Richard alkymist (at) yahoo (dot) com