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Burning Man 2023 – Temple Flowers

AZBurners are Building Temple Flowers For Burning Man

Inside the Temple of the Heart – Burning Man 2023

The Temple of the Heart will be the temple at Burning Man Black Rock City 2023. The Temple Build Team put out a call for collaboration to build hundreds of flowers that will be placed inside and around the temple

AZ Burners are joining up with The Walter Hive to bring our community together to build flowers for the temple and then get them to the temple crew for inclusion in the temple at Black Rock City. The flowers we make will be part of the Temple’s gardens and Rose Alter.

Be a part of the Temple Flowers build!

  • Desert Roses
    • 100 laser cut flowers will be pre-cut and then assembled at the Walter Hive on Assembly Day
  • Flowering Saguaros
    • The base and corn husk flowers will be made in advance and then assembled at the Walter Hive on Assembly Day
    • Corn Husk Flowers – For folks who wish to participate remotely
  • Donate money to help purchase materials and pay for delivery to Oakland, CA.
    • With any donation amount, you are invited to send a message that will be hand-written on one of the flower petals.
    • With a donation of $25.00 or more, we will email you a photo of the petal and flower that contains your message.
  • Donations received prior to April 16th will be greatly appreciated as they will help us purchase materials
Donate Here

Assembly Day

The Desert Rose by Alex K – printed by Zena P at the Walter Hive – Photos: Ruvi
  • Date: Sunday, April 16, 1:00pm to 3:00pm
  • Location: The Walter Hive, 6425 E Thomas Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
  • Needed:
    • 30 volunteers to assemble, glue, and pack the flowers
      • Registration is required because we are limited to 30 volunteers
Register Here
3D rendering of the pieces needed for a Desert Rose flower
3D rendering of the pieces needed for a Desert Rose flower – by Alex K

Flowering Saguaros

Rendering of the Cactus by Rod M

A cactus is a quintessential Arizona plant to have at the temple and Rod M is designing and building several wooden Saguaros that can be placed in the Temple gardens. These plants will be 4′ to 6′ tall and have several corn husk flowers attached to them. Rod plans to cut out a template and then use an edge router to cut the pieces and assemble and glue them together in advance of Assembly Day

Corn Husk Saguaro Flowers (~90 needed, and you can make them remotely and mail/deliver before Assembly day)

The Saguaro will be decorated with flowers – and if you wish to participate but are unable to make the scheduled meet-ups, we have an opportunity for you!! Build your own Corn Husk Flowers from materials you can purchase from a grocery store and mail (or deliver) it to us by April 15th.

Materials Needed

Directions to build

Mailing Instructions

Please mail in your flowers so that they arrive on or before 14 April, 2023

Shipping address:

Alex Kohli
1401 W. Pasadena Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85013