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Donate to AZ Burners.

Photos of 2022 Temple at Saguaro Man
Photo credit: Chaz Totschek

AZ Burners is a community of artists, builders, and creators seeking to extend the Burning Man experience, principles, and culture into Arizona. We do this through events and activities, including multi-day celebrations Saguaro Man and AZ Decompression, a public burner art exhibition IGNiGHT, and service work performed under the umbrella of AZ Burners Without Borders

We are a 501(C)3 non-profit organization and this means your contributions are now tax-deductible.

NOTE: You will receive a confirmation from Aplos, the servicer of AZBurners donations. It will indicate your donation was made to Arizona Artistic Conflaturators Inc., which is the 501(c)3 corporation behind the AZ Burners community.

Donate to AZ Burners