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Temple Guardians

Saguaro Man Temple 2022
Photo by Chaz Totschek

Temple Guardians are there to hold space for Temple visitors. We stand by to ensure the integrity of the Temple and all for which she stands, and all for which she burns. Thank you for choosing to participate in making this event happen. Your gift of time and energy is an important part of Saguaro Man. The Temple Guardians are kind and compassionate people who are there to be a witness. Some people may express emotions while visiting the Temple; however, a Temple Guardian does not interfere with someone’s process. Instead they are just available if someone does need support. The Temple Guardian does not provide counseling or advice, but maybe just a listening ear, a consensual hug, or an acknowledgement. If you would like to be a Temple Guardian then please:

SMan 2024 Meeting/Training: All guardians please report to the Temple at 4:00pm on Thursday.