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Fire Performance

Fire Conclave at SMan 2022
Photo Cred: Sadie Rose

Welcome fire spinners! In whatever way you’re planning to participate in fire performance at Saguaro Man, throughout the event or as part of the AZ Fire Conclave on burn night, you’ve come to the right place. Be sure to read through this page thoroughly to ensure you don’t miss any important information. In the first section, you’ll find everything you need to know about fire spinning at Saguaro Man. The following section contains important information and steps for those interested in participating in the AZ Fire Conclave on burn night

UPDATE on April 12, 2024: Applications for the fire guild for Saguaro Man 2024 have closed. Only authorized guild members are covered by our event liability insurance and permitted to spin fire.
Please DO NOT put our entire event at risk by spinning fire without joining a guild. If you choose do so, you will be escorted out of the event.

The following is required of ALL fire spinners at Saguaro Man 2024. These requirements have been created to keep performers, other community members, and the land our event calls home safe. Thank you for doing your part to ensure that we will all be able to continue to share fire performance with our burn community at future events.

To participate in spinning fire at Saguaro Man, all fire performers must join the Arizona Regional Productions (ARP) Fire Guild before April 10th, 2024. New

There are two steps to joining the ARP Fire Guild. You are not in the ARP Fire Guild until you have completed both

  1. Fill out the ARP Fire Guild contact form (CLOSED on April 10) . Within 3 business days after completing the contact form you will receive a copy of the ARP Fire Guild Contract to sign via docusign. 
  2. Sign the contract ASAP. We have had to move up the original deadline due to folks not signing in a timely manner, creating more work for event leads.

By joining the fire guild, fire spinners will have liability coverage under the event insurance. The event insurance is only liability insurance, meaning it will cover damage you might cause to other participants, property, or the land while spinning fire. It DOES NOT cover injury/harm to yourself. We recommend that you carry your own health insurance in case of injury to yourself.

Saguaro Man event leads put a lot of work into getting this deal with the insurance carrier. We were very close to every fire performer having to carry their own insurance (a cost of $300 a year, or $140 for 10 days, per person) to spin fire. Instead fire spinners are getting FREE liability insurance. Do your part to help things run smoothly by checking your email and responding promptly.

Failure to fill out the contact form AND sign the contract via DocuSign by April 10th will result in the inability to spin fire at Saguaro Man 2024.

You must be sober to spin fire or safety at Saguaro Man. 

  • This means you cannot be under the influence of drugs, alcohol, and/or mind-altering substances at any time while engaging in fire performance activities. 
  • The use of drugs, alcohol, and/or mind-altering substances impairs judgment and coordination, significantly increasing the risk of injury to yourself, others, and property during fire performance.
  • Violation of this policy will result in expulsion from the ARP Fire Guild and the inability to spin fire at Saguaro Man. 

You must prioritize fire safety in all aspects of your fire performance practices. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Utilizing only approved fire fuels (white gas and lamp oil) and props appropriate for your skill level and intended performance.
  • Maintaining all equipment in good working order. Be sure to check equipment for loose or worn parts before you light up.
  • Bringing your own fuel and being responsible for your property. This includes the sharing of props and fuel.
  • Having access to a fire extinguisher and knowing how to use it effectively.
  • Always having a designated fire safety present and sober to monitor your performance and assist if needed. Your fire safety must have a Duvetyne fire blanket or wet towel to extinguish props or performers quickly.
  • Knowing the location of medical and ranger headquarters. In the event of an accident during fire performance, immediately alert appropriate safety personnel. 
  • Performing only in designated fire performance areas.  Approved performance areas for all events will be determined by the Fire Team and Event Organizers(ARP), with input from the AZ Fire Council.
  • Never perform directly on flammable surfaces or under flammable structures.
  • Fuel containers must remain closed at all times. Fuel containers must be 50 feet from the performance space.  
  • Immediately report any safety concerns or equipment malfunctions to the AZ Fire Council and cease performance until the issue is resolved.
    No charcoal or sparkler effects.

Location: Great Balls of Fire (theme camp)

  • Fire Safety Workshop: New
    • Wednesday – Saturday @ 12-12:30 pm (arrive at 12 pm!) 
  • Fire Performer & Fire Safety Orientation: New
    • Wednesday 5-6 pm
    • Thursday – Saturday 10 am – 12 pm (orientation starts every 30 mins)
  • Come to Great Balls of Fire at the hours listed above for orientation if you plan to spin fire or be a fire safety. You must come to the fire performer orientation before engaging in fire performance.
  • You must also either:
    • Demonstrate knowledge of fire safety by passing the fire safety exam by April 22nd, 2024 New
    • Or complete the fire safety workshop on-site at Great Balls of Fire at the hours listed above before engaging in fire performance.
  • Once you have completed the fire performer orientation and demonstrated fire safety knowledge you will receive a wristband. Wear your wristband anytime you plan to spin fire so leadership knows you’ve completed all of the above.
  • You can find information on fire safety created by the Flow Arts Institute here:
  • Performers under 18 years of age must have a parental legal guardian present anytime they are performing.
  • You must uphold the ARP Fire Guild’s Code of Conduct, which promotes professionalism, respect, and inclusivity within the fire performance community. This includes conduct at events, performances, and interactions with other fire spinners and the public.
  • Unprofessional behavior, discrimination, or harassment toward others may result in disciplinary action.
  • As members of the fire-spinning community, we uphold the principles of Burning Man as guiding values for our practice. These principles are the foundation of our interactions, performances, and contributions to the community. Adhering to this code of conduct ensures a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment for all participants.

Fire arts leadership and the AZ Fire Council reserve the right to take disciplinary action against any participant who violates the terms of the ARP Fire Guild contract or poses a safety risk to themselves or others. Disciplinary action may include warnings, restrictions on performing, suspension, or expulsion from the Guild.

The AZ Fire Conclave is a composition of groups from the Arizona Regional Burner and surrounding communities who create choreography to perform prior to the Temple Burn at Saguaro Man, the Arizona regional burn held in April near Wilcox AZ. Their performances forge a temporary community, as they offer fire art as a gift to the burn community.

For this year, we will hold a maximum of 40 tickets at Early Bird pricing ($135) for Conclave members who join the Arizona Regional Productions Fire Guild on a first come, first served basis. Once individuals have returned their completed Fire Guild Agreement (via docusign), individuals will be given hidden access codes that they can use to buy tickets. This offer will stand until March 16th, 2024 or until the 40 tickets are all claimed.

We also recommend that you volunteer at Saguaro Man. This will also qualify you for a “returning volunteer” discount, at the next event. If you volunteered in 2023, a returning volunteer ticket is $120. If you volunteered and did not receive a returning volunteer discount code, please email and include your name, what you did, which event (SMan23, IgNIGHT, etc.), and the name of your lead (if possible)

The Saguaro Man fire conclave is open to all fire performers who would like to participate! If you wish to perform, you will need to…

We are looking for troupes to perform choreographed fire performance pieces. If you would like to lead a fire performance troupe, you’ll need to gather some fire friends and submit an “Intent to Lead” form by March 16th, 2024. Keep an eye on the AZBurner social media pages for others organizing a troupe for the Saguaro Man Fire Conclave in your area. Only one “Intent to Lead” form needs to be submitted per troupe. This form lets us know who the point of contact is for the troupe.

The troupe lead should submit a 2-minute progress video by March 24th, 2024, to and fill out the Conclave Progress Check-In Form. The progress check-in allows the Fire Council to offer support to troupes as they prepare their performance pieces.

Showtime! The conclave performance will take place, weather permitting, before the Temple Burn Saturday night at Saguaro Man and is subject to cancellation at any time based on safety considerations. All conclave members must be present at the Temple 2 hours before the scheduled burn.

Choreography 101 Slideshow

Burning Man Conclave Audition Videos: 

See the following Burning Man Conclave audition videos for inspiration

Required Saguaro Man 2024 Fire Conclave Choreography: 

  • 10 minutes of group choreography followed by 5 minutes of freestyle 
  • Two or more performers should be on stage at all times
  • Fire must be on stage at all times 
  • Transitions should be smooth and thought out
  • Conclaves must have a minimum of 4 members (3 fire performers and 1 Safety).
  • Maximum conclave size is 25, including safeties. 
  • At least one fire safety per (3) adult performers. One fire safety for each underage performer. Underage performers must have a parental legal guardian present. Troupes are responsible for obtaining their own safeties and safety equipment (fire extinguisher, duvetyne fire blankets and/or wet towel). Follow the directives of events leads at all times.
  • Unconventional and/or homemade props must be inspected and approved by the Conclave Council before use. Please email inquiries to
  • No flame throwers, poofers, charcoal, or sparkler effects.

The AZ Fire Council is responsible for coordinating AZ Fire Conclave and overseeing fire spinning safety at AZ Burner events. The AZ Fire Council includes Dr. Panda, Liquid, Jackrabbit, and Lionessa. Fulcrum has graciously shared their accumulated wisdom as a long time member of the Burner fire spinning community as well. You can reach the AZ Fire Council at