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A few departments have volunteer opportunities open! Please visit The Saguaro Man Volunteer Sign up Page if you are interested.


Art Team

Art volunteers set up, tear down, and help the art installations be available for everybody to enjoy during the event. This is a smallish team most active before events.
Sign up for volunteer shifts with the Art team at Saguaro Man 2024

We are a team of volunteers who gather each year at Saguaro Man to provide information and education regarding consent. We believe that every theme camp should make consent the 11th principle, and we are committed to ensuring that every burner has the freedom to express themselves without fear of assault.
Learn more about B.E.D. and sign up

The Burn Perimeter Team are responsible for creating and maintaining a safe boundary around the perimeter of all burnable art installations during the during the burn.
Learn more about Burn Perimeter and sign up


Center Camp

Center Camp is the town square of Saguaro Man. It’s a space that provides art, performances, meetings, classes, and a place to hang out, catch some shade, and meet people. From pre-playa décor planning and prop-making to on-site construction, the heart of the Center Camp is its volunteers.
Volunteer at Center Camp 2024
Presentations signup coming shortly.

Department of Mutant Vehicles licenses motorized mobile works of creative expression otherwise known as Mutant Vehicles. DMV volunteers help assure that paperwork is in order and safety guidelines are met, as vehicles enter the event.
Mutant Vehicle Registration for Saguaro Man

DPW works hand in hand with Fire and Placement as the backbone of the city. The Department of Public Works sets up, maintains, and breaks down the infrastructure for the event as well as providing electric power for the art pieces and center camp. DPW keeps things running! If you don’t want to interrupt the festivities, there is a big need for people to come in early to help set up the infrastructure and stay after the event to help pack it away for next time.
Apply to join DPW

Register your furry friends and help keep Saguaro Man safe and fun for four legged companions and participants by joining the Dog Team
Sign up for volunteer shifts with the Dog Team at Saguaro Man 2024

In whatever way you’re planning to participate in fire performance at Saguaro Man, throughout the event or as part of the AZ Fire Conclave on burn night you will need to join the Fire Guild.
Learn more about Fire Performance at Saguaro Man


Fire Team

This group is responsible for fire suppression during the event.  Most of the effort is focused on the Friday and Saturday night burns.  During the burns, there are Hot Shots equipped with extinguishers that are stationed inside the perimeter to address any burning material that threatens the crowd. Three Ember Patrol Teams work outside the perimeter behind the crowd. These teams extinguish any flying embers to prevent fire spread in the surrounding vegetation.  A one hour training is held at Saguaro Man on Thursday and Friday afternoon to instruct volunteers on the use of all of our equipment, including the Fire Trailer.  A volunteer only needs to attend one training session.
Sign up for volunteer shifts with the Fire Team at Saguaro Man 2024



Gate is often the first contact participants have with the Burner community. Gate volunteers check every vehicle entering for contraband, verify registrations, inspect vehicles.
Sign up for volunteer shifts with the Gate & Greeter team at Saguaro Man 2024



The Greeters are the face of Saguaro Man and help form a newcomer’s first impressions. Greeters register dogs, introduce kids to rangers, review nudity and porta-potty etiquette, how to have fun rules, hand out Who What When Where guides and maps, and encouraging bell ringing and dirt angels. Education of the 10 principles is the biggest part of greeter duties.
Sign up for volunteer shifts with the Gate & Greeter team at Saguaro Man 2024

All AZBurner events follow a Leave No Trace (LNT) policy. The LNT team helps educate participants about the importance of cleaning up and conducts MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) sweeps once a day.
Sign up for volunteer shifts with the LNT Team at Saguaro Man 2024


Medical Team

Medical team volunteers needed. Work with rangers and fire to keep participants safe and healthy. Paramedics, Nurses, PA/NP, or MD/DO with one year of working experience in your field. Current Arizona license/certificate and current BLS required.
COMING SOON: Apply to join the Medical Team (Doctors, Nurses, EMTs, etc)

The placement team helps people find their camps and helps Gate out with big vehicles, as they arrive.
Sign up for volunteer shifts with the Placement Team at Saguaro Man 2024


Sound Team

AZBurners want to remain good neighbors to the Willcox community. One way of doing this is by being cognizant of our sound footprint and partying reasonably, keeping our neighbors in mind. Burner events have Sound policies and volumes need to be reduced after a certain time. The sound team gets to check out all the cool parties at night, and armed with sound meters, occasionally have to politely remind folks if they need to turn down the volume. If you are interested in learning more about joining the Sound Team and helping make the event a memorable experience, whether you have experience or not that is okay. Sign up for two or more shifts and become part of the Sound Department and we will show you the ropes!
Sign up for volunteer shifts with the Sound Team at Saguaro Man 2024



The Heliotropic Rangers of Saguaro Man and The Black Rock Rangers of Burning Man. Find out how you can be part of this extremely important aspect of our events.
Learn more about Rangers and join the Ranger team

If the Temple has a special place in your heart, join us and help hold the space so that others might experience the wonder that brings us back. Guardians keep watch for injuries and unsafe conditions, including fire, climbing, vehicle traffic, and problems with the structure. We do not make rules, nor are we enforcers; we watch quietly and act skillfully when necessary to protect the safety and sacred space of the Temple. We do require people to be sober during your shifts (3hrs); and we prefer that they dress as they would anywhere else on event (part of being invisible).
Learn more about Temple Guardians and sign up for shifts

Tranquility Base is intended to be a quiet, sheltered environment for disoriented or overwhelmed participants, who do not (or do not yet) need more professional services. We provide a supportive, non-stimulating space for our guests to process difficult experiences, so that they may return to the burn when they feel ready. Our amazing volunteers are patient and compassionate listeners, and all attend mandatory training sessions before their first shift.
Sign up for volunteer shifts at the Tranquility Base at Saguaro Man 2024

The volunteer Department is responsible for assisting the other departments with the recruitment, scheduling and recognizing volunteers for AZ Burners events. This includes setting the schedules, maintaining attendance records, getting Leads signed up into the various programs used by the AZBurners, assisting volunteers with shift sign up, preparing the identification laminates worn by the Lead staff during events, preparing the DMV and Flame permits, ordering thank you swag and coordinating the Volunteer Appreciation event each year.  At Saguaro Man, volunteers with this department man the check-in booth for Artery and volunteer check-in and dissemination AZ Burners Without Borders information.
Sign up for volunteer shifts with the Volunteer coordination team at Saguaro Man 2024