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Covid-19 and Saguaro Man #announce

Arizona-Announce via Tue, Mar 17, 8:41 AM
to AZBurners

Saguaro Man 2020 will be postponed in accordance with government regulations and continued threat to our participants health and safety.  AZ Burners will continue to assess the situation and updates will be posted, with April 3rd as the date to announce a decision on a date for the event. 

Dear Arizona and Worldwide Burners,

As COVID-19 becomes a major concern for many, AZ Burners are working with the authorities to continue to plan a safe and healthy Saguaro Man.  By nature, it cannot be guaranteed that the event will be corona virus free. Each participant must evaluate and accept the risk as it applies to them in attending Saguaro Man.

The Ticket Exchange (wait-list) will be available for anybody that does not wish to attend, for any reason. As of 2pm on Sunday, the wait-list was at 335.

We are considering ways to ensure our event and community will be as safe as possible in this regard. Some of the accommodations being made are the addition of four 2-sided hand washing stations, to be placed by Gate, Center camp, Medical/Crisis/Rangers, and by Art. These will be serviced daily, along with the portable restrooms that have hand sanitizer inside of each unit. Extra sanitizer, cleaning wipes, and gloves will be available at Medical, for any unforeseen shortages.


Over the next several weeks, we will be  closely monitoring resources and recommendations provided by the county, state and Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Further updates will be posted, as things progress. AZ Burners are setting April 3rd as the date to announce a decision on the date of the event. 

Art grants are proceeding as normal. If an artist cannot complete a project or attend an event, they have the option of refunding the money or to bring the art to the next scheduled event. We may also be able to assist in getting your art to the event for you, if you cannot get it there on your own.


With people choosing social distance themselves, there is the expectation of a slower growth of the disease. This lessens the strain on health providers and resources, that would be caused if it peaked all at once. While that is the intended outcome, it also makes the threat of transmission potentially stretch into our event time frame. The CDC is recommending social distancing for the next 8 weeks. Out of care for the well being of our community and in accordance with all local and federal guidelines, Saguaro Man will not be held until it can be held safely. Vendors and insurance carriers are working with us, to accommodate date changes. Owning our own land gives us an advantage that saves us from canceling, like many other Burns have to do.

Event Considerations

Exercise caution when considering a visit to this or any other venue. This includes staying home if you feel any flu-like symptoms, or if you’ve recently traveled from an area with a high infection rate, have been in touch with someone who is sick, or are in a high risk group — Please do not attend the event and place yourself or others at risk.Medically vulnerable individuals should elect the level of participation (Or lack of participation) that is most healthy for them. Does the nature of your event involve high risk activities? (E.g., sexual activity, kissing booths, cuddle areas) and can you remove or mitigate those risky activities or would the nature of your event place people at risk of infection? Does your food include shared dishes or condiments? Do you use gloves and practice safe food handling procedures? The alcohol in adult beverages does not kill germs. Sharing beverages or cups is a way to transmit disease.ASK before you hug. Consider non-touch greetings such as: an elbow bump, air hug, wave, bowing/curtsying.ASK before you touch.Never double dip (even after the pandemic, ewww).

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