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Heliotropic Rangers
Guardians of Our Desert Commnunity
The Heliotropic Rangers are members of the Arizona Burner community, who serve at Saguaro Man & Arizona Decompression and other events throughout the year.
Rangers, as they are known, are the traditional guardians of our desert community. They ride the edge of chaos, and assume a civic responsibility for the general safety of participants, the preservation of community standards, and the core values of the AZ Burner community.
Identified by their “khaki” hats and logoed shirts, they volunteer their time and energy during Arizona Regional Events to make sure that the event is safe and fun for everyone.
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Miscellaneous Information:

About The Heliotropic Rangers

helio2The Heliotropic Rangers are not law enforcement, but rather volunteers who are committed to preserving our unique social and artistic community while minimizing the chances that anyone gets hurt.

Saguaro Man and Decompression are about radical self-expression, so it may seem to the newcomer to be a “lawless” event. Just like any other community, however, ours is best upon mutual respect and a commitment to helping each other reach artistic and personal goals.

Rangers, as they are known, are available to mediate any disputes that may arise within the community, as well as a contact point between the event and local residents and law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction over Saguaro Man and Decompression, to help ensure that the event can continue to happen year after year.

The Heliotropic Rangers are committed to serving the AZ Burner community, and so in addition to the Saguaro Man and Decompression events we are available to support any regional event as qualified by the regional coordinators and the Heliotropic Ranger Council.

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