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AZ Burner Stories

AZ Burner Stories

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Friday, 08 November 2002 15:05

Burner In Need of Help (2002)

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The Burning Man Community means so many, many things to each of us. Burners share a special bond & consciousness. If a fellow Burner needs HELP, is Stranded, has been in an Accident, all it takes is one phone call to start a chain reaction of people in motion with a common goal. Get our fellow AZBurner back to us safe...

Friday, 19 September 2003 05:04

Bitten Twice by the Same Trailer (2003)

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The ride to the Playa in 2003 was again a fulfillment of the prophecy, "History Repeats Itself".

We borrowed the same 'Trailer' from Jerry, 'The Trailer' that had an Axle freeze-up and sheer the tire off on the way home form the Playa in 2002. Some things are just NOT meant to be, like this particular trailer did NOT want to be @ Burning Man.

Saturday, 11 October 2003 01:01

My First Burner Event (2003)

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My first burner event was the fundraiser for Radio Electra at Nimbus Brewery in Arizona March of 2003.

I played the event in Clown Band .... but the story behind that was. I had joined AZBurners in February trying to get more info on burning man. When I joined I guess I caught some people attention many joined my Arizona underground 411 group, several asked me about info on my parties, and in particular one clown stalked me LOL.

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