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Sanctions Policy

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Sanctions Policy

The Conduct Committee may issue a warning, suspension or ban (hereafter referred to as sanctions) if a participant:

  • Has any single well-substantiated report of a violation of Code of Conduct, Event or Online policies
  • Has a pattern of violating the Code of Conduct, Event or Online policies, endangering the event or its participants’ safety
  • Continues engaging in harmful behavior after receiving sanctions from the Conduct Committee

The Conduct Committee may also choose to issue sanctions for reasons not covered in this policy. 

  • Bans are indefinite, whereas Suspensions are instituted for a specific period of time (e.g., 1 year).
  • Suspensions end when the terms of the suspension have been satisfied (e.g. training or obtaining a sponsor).
  • The Conduct Committee may choose to extend a sanction, which will result in a new notification letter.
  • Individuals may appeal to have their ban lifted.

Sanctions may be appealed directly with the AZ Burners Board by sending an email to the AZ Burners Board of Directors at Appeals will be handled at an upcoming scheduled Board meeting, within 60 days after the request for appeal is received.

AZBurners does not make its list of sanctioned individuals available to the public. However, a list of suspensions and bans to hosts of official events in other Burning Man regions and hosts of unofficial AZ Burner events that formally incorporate the BED process at their event. Hosts should complete the Sanctioned Individuals Request Form. Allow 30 days to receive a response.

AZ Burners does not provide information to individuals about whether a person has been sanctioned.

Report a Code of Conduct Violation

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