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Report a Code of Conduct Violation

Prior to filling out this report, we encourage you to read the AZBurners Code of Conduct, and the FAQ pages.

To file a report with the AZBurners Conduct Committee, please complete and submit this Incident Form. This form collects information regarding possible Code of Conduct violations. The completed form should contain sufficient detail for the investigators to begin an investigation. If the report warrants an investigation, the Conduct Committee will review the report with you before assigning your case to a team of investigators who you will have a chance to approve.

Once submitted, the form will be accessible to the Conduct Committee members. If you have a strong reason for withholding information from a particular member, please contact one of the other committee members or a member of the AZ Burners Board of Directors.

About your Name – Please report anonymously ONLY if you do not wish to have any follow up. Anonymous information can be useful when it contains verifiable facts, but information with no contact information is, by its nature, of limited value in our process. If you choose to report anonymously, enter the word “anonymous” instead of your name. Anonymously submitted reports become part of AZ Burners permanent records.

Please enter an email address.
Include or indicate any known aliases
Email, Phone, Social Media profile, etc.
If you are reporting several instances, please list in chronological order.
If yes, please specify if you are acquainted with them should the investigators need to reach out to them with your approval. Include contact information if possible. We will not contact anyone without discussing the case with you first. If not, please state "N/A"
Please include as much detail as possible

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