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Code of Conduct Committee and Policies

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Code of Conduct Committee

Our participant Code of Conduct can be found here. 

The Conduct Committee is served by a dedicated group of AZ Burners that have been vetted by the AZ Burners Board of Directors, and have signed a confidentiality agreement in order to receive and investigate reports of misconduct in the AZ Burners community. The Conduct Committee includes at least one Burning Man Regional Contact for Arizona, one member of the AZ Burners board of directors and one member of the board of the Bureau of Erotic Discourse (BED).

  • Koda Dudley
  • Lisa Scheinkopf (Sassy Cat)
  • Momo Kellar (B.E.D. Representative)
  • Ray Headings (Huckleberry)
  • Robert Cohen
  • Ruvi Wijesuriya

The Conduct Committee is guided by the AZ Burners Code of Conduct. The Conduct Committee’s mission is to protect our community from unsafe behavior and ensure the community’s ability to hold events.

The responsibilities of the Conduct Committee include:

  • Investigate and conclude reports in a thorough, confidential, timely and respectful manner
  • Suggest changes, when needed, to the Code of Conduct to the Board of Directors
  • Communicate the list of banned and suspended individuals to producers of official Burning Man and AZ Burner regional events and producers of unofficial events that formally incorporate the processes of BED.  
  • Recusing themselves from investigations that pose a conflict of interest for them. 
  • Community safety
  • Confidentiality
  • Clear process
  • Communication

For more information, please peruse the Conduct Committee’s Investigatory Philosophy and Procedure and FAQ pages.

Report a Code of Conduct Violation

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