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Investigatory Approach

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Investigatory Approach

Our goal is to gather information, assess risk, and make a reasonable decision on whether to allow someone continued access to events or community infrastructure.

Recognizing that confidentiality is often important to those who report, investigators sign a confidentiality agreement and hold this trust as one of its highest guiding principles. Incident reporters can choose not to be anonymous or to speak about their experiences publicly. The Conduct Committee will ask what details they are comfortable having disclosed.

Conduct Committee decisions are shared with the AZ Burners Board of Directors, providing background to the Committee’s recommendation, but not containing identifying details.

Our target is to go from receipt of a report to closure within 90 days, although it can sometimes take several months to have a sufficient number of interviews to gain a thorough understanding of the situation behind some reports. If you are interacting with the Conduct Committee (as a reporter, subject of a report, or witness) you can help keep our process moving by responding to emails from investigators in a timely fashion. You are welcome to check in with investigators yourself about report status. 

  • When an AZ Burners Code of Conduct Incident Report form is submitted, the Conduct Committee leads are automatically notified of the report.
  • Conduct Committee Leads contact the reporter to verify the content and suggest two investigators, then assign those investigators after confirming they are acceptable to the reporter.
    • If the reporter does not want the investigators to interview the reportee (the person the report is about), the case will be archived, and no report will be made to the Board regarding the incident. Should the Conduct Committee receive other reports about the same person, the reporter in this case may be contacted as a witness.
  • Investigators interview witnesses and the subject of the report.
  • Investigators may consult with character witnesses such as other event hosts and follow up any leads of similar behaviors to establish if there is a larger pattern.
  • Investigators bring the results of their investigation back to the Conduct Committee for consensus on a decision.
  • Conduct Committee determines the outcome, which may include any of the following:
    • Request that someone who is causing problems change their behavior in the form of an official warning.
    • Suspend from AZ Burners events and infrastructure for a specific period of time, which may include conditions to return (such as training or sponsorship from an other community member in good standing)
    • Ban from AZ Burners events and infrastructure indefinitely
    • Bar from volunteering in particular or any capacity and establish conditions for someone to continue to volunteer, such as training and/or supervision.
    • Archive the information and take no action
    • Encourage the reportee to go to law enforcement
  • Conduct Committee provides the reportee with an official notice of their decision
  • Conduct Committee notifies the reporter of the decision
  • Conduct Committee provides the AZ Burners Board of Directors with a summary report

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