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Code of Conduct FAQ

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Code of Conduct Reporting FAQ

Anyone who was directly affected by or witnessed behavior at a qualified event that was dangerous or harmful to themselves or others.

Any behavior or pattern of behavior that you feel is unsafe or harmful to you or others, makes you feel afraid or threatened, or could endanger AZ Burners ability to continue to hold events.

Anyone whose behavior causes you concern. All reports will be handled equitably regardless of who is involved or their role.

Reports should be submitted within 60 days of the incident using the AZBurners Code of Conduct Incident Report

Conduct Committee will review reports stemming from incidents occurring at official AZ Burner events, official AZ Burner social media spaces, and unofficial events that formally incorporate BED processes. Note: if there is a more appropriate authority, you should start there first.

At any time, you can report an issue by using the AZ Burners Code of Conduct Incident Report.  At an event, approach any Ranger or speak with a staffer at Ranger HQ. 

The Conduct Committee goes on hiatus two weeks before and after Burning Man and Saguaro Man. During this time, pressing issues can be dealt with directly by the Board,

If you have any questions about how or whether to make a report, contact the Conduct Committee at

The Conduct Committee is a deliberative and investigatory group which will look into your report, interview the people involved, and make the final decision. Below is a summary, please see the Investigatory Approach page for more details.

The Conduct Committee receives your report and assigns investigators. They will explain in detail what the possible outcomes are as well as next steps. Unless you wish to simply provide information, the investigators may interview witnesses and the reportee (the person the report is about). You will be informed of the Conduct Committee’s decision.  

After investigation, the Conduct Committee will decide on one of the following outcomes:

  • Request that someone who is causing problems change their behavior in the form of an official warning.
  • Suspend from AZ Burners events and infrastructure for a specific period of time, which may include conditions to return (such as training or sponsorship from an other community member in good standing)
  • Ban from AZ Burners events and infrastructure indefinitely
  • Bar from volunteering in particular or any capacity and establish conditions for someone to continue to volunteer, such as training and/or supervision.
  • Archive the information and take no action

The Conduct Committee may also encourage the reporter to go to law enforcement

The Conduct Committee will receive the report and if warranted, assign investigators. Please see the Investigatory Approach page for more details.

Report a Code of Conduct Violation

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