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Center Camp at Saguaro Man

Center Camp at night

What is Center Camp at Saguaro Man?

Center Camp is the town square of Saguaro Man. It is a venue for art, performances, meetings, classes, and a place to hang out, catch some shade, and meet people. It is a community space for the community by the community. Anyone attending Saguaro Man can reserve time to create community events in the space. Center Camp allows participants to create events that they would not have the space or infrastructure to create in their own camps.

Operating hours are:

  • Wednesday night 7pm-10pm
  • Thursday to 8am-6pm
  • Friday-Saturday 8am-5pm
  • Sunday morning – tear-down and cleanup
    • Quiet (no sound) events only between 8am-9am


  • Q: What does Center Camp Offer?
    • 2 large coffee urns, a large hot water urn (refilled regularly)
    • Tables (3-4) & chairs (15-20)
    • Carpet covered floors
    • A projector and a screen
    • Shelf of communal games
    • Kids corner with small people chairs and activities
    • Art
  • Q: do I have to reserve center camp in advance?
    • A: We do recommend reserving in advance as it allows your event to be published in the WWWW. It also allows us to properly staff our volunteers. However open time spots can be reserved during the event. Daily schedules will be posted including open time slots.
  • Q: Can I use the sound system at center camp?
    • A: Yes, but only during the hours permitted for amplified sound. When you reserve the space let us know your sound needs.
  • Q:The time slots or only for 30min, what if I need more time?
    • A: reserve as many 30min time blocks as you require for your event.
  • Q: I really don’t want to reserve center camp inside I just want to set up outside center camp for an event.
    • A: That’s fantastic and we welcome it as long as it does not disrupt events inside (a drum circle outside during LED talks might not work) no need to reserve center camp but do submit to the WWWW so people know about your event. We have had food carts, wine tastings and tarot reading in front of center camp in the past. It’s a great location to help people find you!

What type of events can you create in this space? ANYTHING you can imagine.

Live music, Book readings, Cocktail hours, Pot lucks, DJs, LED talks, BED work shops, YOGA, Dance parties, Movie nights, Poetry slams, Belly dance classes, Talks, workshops and discussions on just about anything, Game nights, etc.

When you are ready to reserve time in Center Camp please fill in this form:

For each event be prepared to fill in: Name, email, phone, the name of your event, a brief description of your event, whether you need amplified sound, any other specific requirements or needs.

Reserve Time in Center Camp

Process will be posted shortly.

Volunteers Are The Heart of Center Camp

From pre-playa décor planning and prop-making to on-site construction, the heart of the Center Camp is its volunteers. Signing up is easier than ever before read below for descriptions of the roles. Keep in mind there are multiple pages of shifts you will need to click more for shifts on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Sign Up to Volunteer at Center Camp

What roles are we looking to fill this year?

Center Camp Sound Lead– this person should have a solid working knowledge of sound systems, set up, levels, mics etc. they will oversee their team of sound assistants to ensure the sound system is treated with care, and those using g the system are set up for their needs.

Center Camp Lead in Training- this is a person who will shadow and work with the Center Camp lead to learn the role. They will also attend monthly meetings in preparation for the event and afterwards for wrap up. This is a year round role.

Center Camp Structure build team- this role requires arrival prior to 9am Wednesday. You will have early entry. This team helps erect the 30 x 50 structure of center camp. There is some lifting, pounding g of stakes and climbing of ladders as well as securing tarps.

Center Camp light/Art/sound build team-this requires climbing ladders as we hang the lights and art. The Sound lead will supervise the cabling and sound layout 

Center camp sound assistants- these roles work with the sound lead. This is an on call roll for half the days Center camp is open. You only need to be available when a reservation will require sound. You will help that person or group get set up with the sound and make sure they are working. If you have major technical difficulties the sound lead will be on call to assist you.

Center Camp Hosts- The center Camp host is there to make sure the space is clean, coffee and hot water are available. To make more coffee or refill water as needed. To make sure departing events pick up and remove their trash. That booked events do not over stay their reservation and prevent the next group from using the space. Camp host give groups a 5 min warning before their time is up.

Center Camp sound/light /art tear team– help take down the lights art and work with the sound lead to disassemble the sound

Center Camp structure tear team– help take down the center camp structure including g neatly wrapping and organizing ropes and straps. Loading poles and tarps on the trailer.

If you are interested in either the sound lead or lead in training role’s please reach out to . Thank You!!!

If you have items you can loan us that would be great!