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Monday, 30 December 2013 13:29

Burner Guide Stones

Written by Arthur
Burner Guide Stones - Community Art Project
In 1979, an unknown benefactor commissioned the largest Granite company in the state of Georgia to build what is now known as the Georgia Guide Stones. They were these individuals "10 commandments" for life on the Earth. It is controversial, particularly in conspiracy circles, as the first commandment states that the "Earth's population is not to exceed 500 hundred million." Many patriots and conspiracy theorist see this as a project of the elite who run the planet from the shadows. The Guide Stones consists of 4 - 6'x16' slabs of granite with this guys 10 commandments carved on each side in 8 different languages. English, Russian, Chinese, Hebrew, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, and Swahili. The capstone has its 4 edges carved in 4 ancient languages, Sanskrit, ancient Greek, Egyptian Hieroglyphs, and Babylonian cuneiform, which states "Let these be guide stones to an age of Reason." There is also a center stone with a hole through it that points to the North Star and another hole for tracking the movement of the sun across the sky. There is also a hole in the capstone that lines up the sun at noon each day.
Update May - June 2013
With the assistance of a Saguaro Man Art Grant work on the Burner Guide Stones project has moved form an idea to a Full-Fledged Art Project.  A permanent piece of Art in the ever growing gallery of Art @ Double Dolphin Farm.


burner guide stones
My proposal to our community is to build a permanent Burner version of these guide stones at Double Dolphin Farm. The guide stones would have the 10 burner principals routed or etched into them. I will need considerable help from the burner community to do this. I currently have two designs in mind.

This project will require financing, and therefore some sort of fund raising event and personal contributions.
I have more details available for those of you who are interested.
I am very excited about this project and hope many of you are as well and are willing and have the time to help me bring this project to reality.
Arthur -  arthur(at)doubledolphinfarm(dot)com
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