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Burn After Reading – April 2024

AZ Burn After Reading

The AZ Burners Newsletter – April 2024

Today’s issue includes info on:

  • Saguaro Man
  • AZ Burners Code of Conduct Policy
  • Burners Without Borders Arizona
  • Burning Man 
  • Upcoming Events

Saguaro Man (April 24-28 in Cochise County) is sold out! This will be Arizona’s biggest burn ever with 1,200 humans and 55 dogs present!

If you’re still hoping to get a ticket, like every year, people’s plans change and tickets become available. How to get a ticket safely? Read below.

There are scammers offering Saguaro Man tickets on social media. They even comment on posts so they look like “friends of friends”. If you do not know the person, do not send them any money. Use the Tixel Ticket Marketplace instead. 

Details at 

For dates and details go to

  • Sticker Contest voting
  • Theme Camp Registration
  • Fire Performers Guild (required for all fire spinners) 
  • Who, What, Where, When 
  • Non-Funded Art Placement 
  • Mutant Vehicle Registration 
  • Flame Effects Registration 
  • Center Camp Events 

One way to Radically Participate is to Volunteer! And when you volunteer at Saguaro Man, you are eligible for a discounted ticket next year! Plenty of shifts open for a number of departments. Our biggest areas of need are Ember Patrol, Burn Perimeter, Tranquility Base and Sound. For more info and volunteer link, go to 

Work weekend on our land will be April 12-14. Prep your camp’s spot or lend a hand with roads, signs, etc. You must sign up to participate in Work Weekend, as our insurance places a cap on the number of people we can have on the land that weekend.  Please sign up at

The next blood drive will be April 14th at 

Walter Studios

747 W Roosevelt Street, Phoenix. 

Make your appointment at

When you attend AZ Burner events and participate in AZ Burner social media spaces, you agree to abide by the AZ Burners Code of Conduct. The AZ Burners Code of Conduct Committee and Board of Directors have just completed an update of our Code of Conduct, which you’ll find at There you will find information on:

  • What is the AZ Burners Code of Conduct
  • The role of the Conduct Committee
  • How to submit a Code of Conduct violation report
  • What happens once a Code of Conduct report is submitted
  • The Code of Conduct report form
  • Plenty of FAQ’s

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Conduct Committee at