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Decompression 2023 is cancelled!!

Yes, it’s true, and we are so very sad to announce that AZ Burners Decompression 2023 is cancelled.

Unfortunately, we were unable to obtain a permit for this event.

We have begun the process with the ticketing company to refund all tickets.

More information is forthcoming, but we needed to get this notice to you right away.

Please, don’t show up in Willcox for Decompression. Entry to the land will not be permitted and anyone who arrives will be turned away at the gate.

We understand how important Decompression is to everyone. We wanted to do it ourselves. We encourage our community to find alternative ways to get together.

The board is committed to evaluating our processes and determining what needs to be changed to avoid situations like this in the future.  Community-wide conversation will happen at our upcoming Town Halls. Please note that we are rescheduling the Tucson Town Hall to Saturday, November 18th.

Dates for Arizona Burners Town Halls

·       Sunday, Nov 5 (Mesa)

·       Saturday, Nov 18 (Tucson)

To everyone who has invested time and energy, we offer our heartfelt gratitude, and we share in your disappointment. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and difficult emotions this causes.

With love,

Amy Amy, Buddha, Groovee, Huck, Kristin Wesley, Koda, QueenVoney, Rat Lady,  Ruvi,  Sassy Cat

Decompression is an event created by the AZBurners Regional Community to bring the culture of Burning Man and Black Rock City to our region. We expect each attendee to participate in the event in some way. Participation and creative interaction is a core value of our culture. Create, participate, no spectators! Respect for alternative lifestyles and cultures is required.

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