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Friday, 08 November 2002 15:05

Burner In Need of Help (2002)

Written by Scotto

The Burning Man Community means so many, many things to each of us. Burners share a special bond & consciousness. If a fellow Burner needs HELP, is Stranded, has been in an Accident, all it takes is one phone call to start a chain reaction of people in motion with a common goal. Get our fellow AZBurner back to us safe...


About 100 miles into our return to Phoenix (2002), Scotto, Kathe & Theresa found themselves in a precarious position. Mile from the town of Schurz, NV one of the Axles of the trailer we borrowed had its bearings freeze and the wheel was sheared off.

Broken Axle Broken Axle  

No other damage to the Suburban or us, though quite frightening. There was only about 5 minutes of $%^&^%%&**^%$^&&%$ and then it passed....Luckily as I said we were Mile from Schurz...well 2 houses and an RV Park. We had the trailer towed to Yerington, NV for the night, rented a storage space, offloaded all of our gear. I started with one phone call to Dzrtrat (Joe), He was able to hook me up with Jerry, the owner of the trailer, so we could talk about options to get it fixed. The auto shop was run by 2 Burners so they were very sympathetic and gerri rigged the trailer to drive it home to Phoenix empty. Dzrtrat continued to keep in touch with us the rest of the way home, and hooked us up with NVExplorer (Brian) in Las Vegas with a place to stay the night. We were fed and given an awesome place to sleep and then made the last 300 miles from Vegas.

After the trailer was outfitted with a new Axle, I borrowed the trailer again and returned to Yerington the first weekend of November to retrieve our stuff. 1400 miles in 48 hours plus packing the trailer...That is another story entirely.

It is through the generosity and friendship of the Burning Man Community, and in particular ALL YOU AZBURNERS that the three of us made it home safe and with lots of options. We shall ever be in your debt.

A Community WE are VERY proud to be a part of and be a representative of...


Scotto & Kathe & Theresa

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