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Friday, 19 September 2003 05:04

Bitten Twice by the Same Trailer (2003)

Written by Scotto

The ride to the Playa in 2003 was again a fulfillment of the prophecy, "History Repeats Itself".

We borrowed the same 'Trailer' from Jerry, 'The Trailer' that had an Axle freeze-up and sheer the tire off on the way home form the Playa in 2002. Some things are just NOT meant to be, like this particular trailer did NOT want to be @ Burning Man.


I should have known something was amiss when I got a flat tire with 'The Trailer' parked in my driveway. I admit that I did overload 'The Trailer' as we continue to accumulate more stuff for hauling to the Playa. See Trailer Basics, of which I did NOT follow.

Kathe, Louise & Scotto made it as far as I-17 & The Durango Curve, when 'The Trailer' had a Blowout and began to Jackknife swinging itself and the Suburban for 2 full 360's. The Suburban came to rest across the tongue of 'The Trailer' @ 60o The sides of 'The Trailer' collapsed and most of its contents were strewn over the Freeway. The three of us were OK, but a bit shaken up. The first person we called was Dzrtrat (Joe), and again he was able to put out the word that there was Burners in need. Within a half an hour there were at least 10 Burners on the highway helping us clean up the mess and transport all the gear back to our house. It took 4 hours and $500 to get 'The Trailer' back home.

Accident Accident  

Kathe, Louise & I found out how 'Great' our AZBurner family really is...Coming to our rescue and making sure we were OK...As word of our accident & mishap on the way to the Playa spread over many lists...many of "YOU" and other BM & Playa friends generously donated monies and time to the three of us to help offset the large outlay we faced after the accident. For that generosity I cannot thank you all enough. It is only when we are down on our luck do we really see how great "Family & Community" really are. I love each and everyone of you...I know I speak for both Kathe & Louise when we say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for your precious gifts...

'The Trailer' saga continues...Two weeks after we return from the Playa with the Suburban fixed, Jerry, 'The Trailer's' owner, came by to take a look at it and see how much damage was done to it after the accident. We had been storing it in the RV lot in our Community, which has a pad lock & chain on it, and when we got there, to my surprise someone had swiped all 4 tires.

The differences between the Burner World & the Default World are amazing! I spent a week On-Playa with my personal items and $500 in cash just inside my tent, and thought nothing of leaving it there, though a trailer in a locked space in my Community is not safe...go figure.

Jerry just laughed, and if he was pissed he did not show it. We went back to the house had a few beers and just continued to laugh.

Weeks later as Jerry & I are putting 4 new tires on 'The Trailer' he informs me that I have been the only one in the 5 yr history of this trailer to have any problems whatsoever...

'The Trailer's' History is revealed!!

Jerry originally purchased the trailer from a Priest about 5 years ago. After hearing that this is now what I believe...

This trailer that was once owned by a Priest was taken to Burning Man by Kathe, Theresa & I in 2002. It saw some things there that it felt were against its principles as a trailer, so on the way home the Axle froze and a tire was sheered off.

I took the same trailer to the Playa in 2003 and of course as I spent the day loading the trailer to head to BM this year, the trailer knew and remembered the Big Purple Box and that 800ft of EMT conduit, so it jack-knifed on the freeway just 10 miles from home so it did not have to go again to that Pagan festival in NV. So for spite 'The Trailer', as its own retaliation at us for going to BM, it had its tires stolen... The saga of me and 'The Trailer' are just bad Karma all around...

Know that in the future 'The Trailer' is not part of by Burning Man journey any longer.

Again, a Year later I say to ALL of YOU...It is through the generosity and friendship of the Burning Man Community, and in particular ALL YOU AZBURNERS that the three of us were able to leave for the Playa 24 hours later than planned. We shall ever be in your debt.

A Community WE are VERY proud to be a part of and be a representative of...


Scotto, Kathe & Louise

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