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Saturday, 11 October 2003 01:01

My First Burner Event (2003)

Written by GiGi

My first burner event was the fundraiser for Radio Electra at Nimbus Brewery in Arizona March of 2003.

I played the event in Clown Band .... but the story behind that was. I had joined AZBurners in February trying to get more info on burning man. When I joined I guess I caught some people attention many joined my Arizona underground 411 group, several asked me about info on my parties, and in particular one clown stalked me LOL.


Windpipe came up and introduced himself to me at my favorite club. He recognized me off my web site. He came to my party the next night "Bouncing leprechaun sex circus" where upon discovering that my BF Ty-Die was a guitarist and I was a vocalist he invited us to jam with him.

Next thing we know were playing clown band the next weekend. We had many burners come up and introduce them selves that night Happy, RuNoUt, Fuzzy Bunny, Polly, Jeff, Ruby, Jessica and more. That started the ball rolling and we have been hooked since.

How I heard about AZBurners... well I had never heard of Burning Man until New Years '03 when Ty-die and I went back to his home town of San Francisco.

We stayed with his hardcore burner friends Adrian and Deidre (of Piss Clear) they mentioned it I was intrigued. I cam home and began an internet hunt on this event found the main site and started e-mailing random AZ people in hopes of getting some info from those in my state. One of the 3 e-mails I sent happened to be to Gary Taylor. He told me to join the list so I did.

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