AZBurner Art Spanning 18 years 2000-2017

On-Playa Events & Art

PolyParadise- 7:30 Eager-Fate
Poly High Tea - Mon - Sat - 1:0p-3:00p
Human Carcass Wash - Monday - Sun - 3:00p-4:30p
Greater Intimacy with HYPNOSIS Tuesday & Thursday 11:00a - 1:00p
Mind Melt - A Symphony of Light & Sound - Mon - Fri - 8:00-9:00p
AZBurner Pot Luck Progressive Party - Wednesday Aug 30st 6:00p Pot Luck @ PolyParadise

Temple of Virtual Wisdom - Drinks, Music, Dancing ~ 8:00p - 10:00p

Terra Nova - Destiny and 9:00

Mobil Petting Zoo - Monday, 6:00pm - Bring out your animal nature, dress in your softest, furriest, or most pettable costume and join the 3th annual Mobil Petting Zoo. We will travel the playa in search of petting. Heavy or lite, your choice. Predators please only eat only those who want to be eaten. Be well lit, no road kill allowed

Porta Potty Punch Party - Tuesday, 2:00pm

The Burning Bellies - Thursday, 4:30pm

Burning Bowl - Every Day. - A sanctuary area with a bowl for burning and releasing whatever you desire. Bunch of stuff for the liberation dome

Liberation by Ascension (EVERY DAY)

The liberation dome is a safe and non-judgmental free space for respectful expansion of boundaries and self growth. Visit and test yourself in any way you like or ask one of our crew to give you an ascension ritual tailored to your needs. Total acceptance is required in the Dome, be that acceptance of fears, boundaries, sexuality, or anything else at all. Don't enter without a willingness to accept anything that may be going on inside.

Liberation by photo (Monday 3:00pm)
Don't like your photo taken? Get over it at the Liberation Dome. Liberate yourself by taking photos and having your's taken - from mild to erotic. Bring your camera, costumes, sense of adventure and something to record e-mail addresses for later photo sharing.

Liberation by self-love (Tuesday 1:00am)
We all do it, but are you liberated enough to do it in a group? Come test your boundaries in a group "self love" setting. Gender balanced event, so guys, bring a friend. Bouncers on site.

Liberation by nudity (Tuesday 4:00pm / Saturday 1:00pm)
Have trouble being Au Natural in a group? Test your self and learn to enjoy casual nudity in a safe and comfortable group setting. No pressure, total acceptance. Good for body acceptance and self esteem.

Liberation by compliments (Wednesday 2:00pm)
A lot of people have a hard time accepting compliments or praise. Be surrounded by people offering you all kinds of different forms of praise and appreciation.

Liberation by vulnerability (Wednesday 2:30pm)
Maybe you have a hard time opening up to people or sharing things about yourself? Maybe there is something about yourself that you've never told anyone? Test your boundaries by sharing your most personal thoughts and information...and see how liberating it is to experience no judgement or rejection as a result!

Liberation by gifting (Wednesday 3:00pm)
Liberate yourself with true gifting. Bring something of real value to you, rather than a trinket, to give to other participants. Spend some time getting to know a person and give them your gift.

Liberation by exhibitionism (Thursday 10:00pm)
Uncomfortable being intimate in a group or watching others be intimate? Or just like to show off? Test and expand your boundaries at the liberation dome. Couples/Triads only. Single males by invite only.

Liberation by touch (Saturday 2:00pm)
Have trouble touching or being touched? Let go at the Liberation dome. Casual touch, snuggling and massage are all encouraged. (Massage therapists welcome to come help) Ask before touching!

We are known as Electra FM at Burning Man - 7:30 and Brave.
89.9 on your FM dial. Tune us in when you are coming through Gerlach and ride the Electra wave to Black Rock City.

Devil Duck Camp - 2:30 and Esplanade!
we will have a movie / video screen going with burning man and other fun videos - we will have a dance floor and a killer sound system like last year with space for guest dj's. We will have body painting -- full color base coats and detail work.

The annual waffle and mimosa breakfast usually Thursday a.m., but perhaps Friday am this time not for sure yet. We have the queen's chamber available for use after completing training -- (otherwise know as the sex swing teepee!)
I will forward your posting request on to the Devil Duck KIng (Jeff) and he may add to what is happening at Devil Duck Camp -

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