AZBurner Art Spanning 18 years 2000-2017

On-Playa Events & Art

PolyParadise- Grassland & 9:00
Poly High Tea - Mon - Sat - 1:0p-3:00p
Human Carcass Wash - Monday - Sun - 3:00p-4:30p
Greater Intimacy with HYPNOSIS Tuesday & Thursday - 11:00a - 1:00p
Past Life Regression Wednesday & Friday - 11:00a - 1:00p
Mind Melt - A Symphony of Light & Sound - Mon - Fri - 8:00-9:00p

AZBurner Annual On-Playa Pot Luck - Wednesday Aug 29 - 6:00p Pot Luck @ PolyParadise

We are known as Electra FM at Burning Man 89.9 on your FM dial- Boreal and 7:30

Tune us in when you are coming through Gerlach and ride the Electra wave to Black Rock City. Radio Electra-FM 89.9 has several things going on at Burning Man this year we want you to know about. One is Movie nights. Monday through Thursday in the late evening we will be playing various movies on our big screen.

If you looking for a nice relaxing evening, come by and see us. This years line up so far is: The Cramps, in concert at the Napa Valley State Mental hospital. Yes they actually did! Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii, Directors Cut.
Jimi Plays Berkeley (Jimi Hendrix), Memorial Day 1970 - Frank Zappa's, 200 Motels - The Who, Quadrophenia

Tune in 89.9FM to get the exact show times once you are on the Playa. Some of the audio tracks of these will also be broadcast on the air at the same time. Other items of interest is the Total Eclipse broadcast and Pajama Party in conjunction with Silicon Village. Details are here, eclipse

Also come by for the evening fire art shows with Toaster boy and after Wednesday in the evenings for Greathouse labs fire art.

AZBurners are also on the air from time to time. Kiote Kirk is on in the mornings and Bartholomew comes on at noon. Kodama and Chromotest do a show on Sunday and Thursday evening. Schedule07

And lastly, if any theme camps or art projects want announcements made about what they are doing on the playa, Please feel free to stop in and let us know so we can get the word out. The two best ways to do this are giving us a prerecorded PSA or CD for us to load in the Play List or give us text the describes the details of your announcement. You can also come into the station during the Frank or Sir Skip of Dakota shows and get a live on the air interview. Really they like people just stopping in to chat on the air. Oh and be sure to tune in during the entire event in the afternoon for the "Daily O" Tune in 89.9 FM as you come to Empire and Gerlach and ride with Electra FM to the Playa.

The Deviant Playground - 4:30 Plaza at 1:00
**Mobile Petting Zoo: Monday 8:00pm 1 hour after sundown - Leaves from camp: Bring out your animal nature and your best animalistic or just petable dress and join the Mobile Petting Zoo. We will travel the playa in search of people to give us a little petting, heavy or light, your choice. Predators, please only eat those who want to be eaten. Be well lit, no road kill allowed. And remember, 2 legs bad, 4 legs good.

**Coloring and cocktails: - Tuesday 2 pm to 4 pm
Some childhood activities with just the right amount of deviance. Staying in the the lines with cocktails....

**Solo Collective Reunion party: - Tuesday 6:00pm - Seven years ago a unique camp with the theme of people going to Burning Man alone then camping together started. The camp had a 4 year run and grew to village size with many great friends being made. A number of existing camps spun off from it. This is a party to honor that achievement, reunite with old friends and make new ones. If you know of the Solo Collective come by if not come by anyway.

**Liberation by Finger Body Painting: - Wednesday Noon
Come be body painted...with finger paint! The Deviant Playground invites you to come play with paint. Bring a friend or two and paint or be painted. In order to minimize the mess this will take place in the Liberation Dome. Liberation Dome events are designed to free you of your culturally based inhibitions in a respectful, educational and fun way.

**The Deviant Treasure Hunt: The Search for Cap'n Luck's Booty
Thursday, Noonish - Avast ye scurvy bilge rats! There be a chest to pillage!

**Liberation by Nudity: -Thursday 2:00pm
Have trouble being Au Natural in a group? Test your self and learn to enjoy casual nudity in a safe and comfortable group setting. No pressure, total acceptance. Good for body acceptance and self esteem. The first part of this will be the in a private dome.(closed for event) For the second we will go out on the open playa a little away from the city. Liberation Dome events are designed to free you of your culturally based inhibitions in a respectful, educational and fun way. Great success in 06, stop by any time if you went!

Some other events for the liberation dome are possible but will not be publicly posted. - Deviant Playground

The Perpetual Virgin
A bunch of the Arizona folks that you love (and maybe a few that you don't) will be found lounging at (and Crappiest Lemonade Stand in BRC). The Perpetual Virgin will be located at 6:04 and Freshwater (Mountain Side, but it should be obvious)

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