AZBurner Art Spanning 18 years 2000-2017

Annual Virgin Briefing July 8, 2017

Playa Newbie Orientation

Phoenix Tucson

Saturday July 8, 2017 12:00 Noon

5808 S. 44th Place
Phoenix, AZ  85040



This event in intended for those who have not attended Burning Man or have attended once before but still have questions.
We encourage our AZBurner Playa Veterans to come on by and share their experiences; bring a piece of Playa Equipment you no longer need, just bring yourself and your Burning Man Spirit to this great annual event.
Please RSVP your interest to Scotto if you plan to attend.

  • The Burning Man culture - (What is Burning Man and who are these people)
  • How to prepare for Burning Man - (Lists, packing, travel, costumes, gifts, art, and self)
  • What to expect of Life on the Playa - (Self reliance and self expression, gifting economy, LNT, WATER!, HEALTH issues, Finding your way, the law, I've seen that before! and much more)
  • 10-Principles
  • Goals & Expectations
  • Costuming / Volunteering
  • Food
  • Health
  • Interactions LEO @ BM
  • LNT
  • Sex / Drugs
  • Gate
  • Theme Camp / Camping
  • Camelback / Personal Supplies
  • Temples
  • Rangers
  • Packing List

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